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January 16, 2015

Hey Guys :)
So since this is my first blog post I thought I would introduce myself before I start filling you guys in on what beauty products I have been loving this month, or what my favourite fashion trend is right now. I'm Amy and I am a 16 year old (17 in February eeek) fashion and makeup fanatic from the North East of England. I created this blog to share my opinions about what I love most, but I also created it because I love to write and be creative, and would also love to have a career of some sort that was purely dedicated to my interests, which is if you couldn't tell already, fashion, makeup, and just all things girly.

So, after my little ramble, the other reason why I created this blog was to gain some experience in journalism, particularly fashion journalism (its almost as if I'm writing my own little version of vogue).

I can't wait to start posting about what I've been loving and maybe even what I haven't and what hasn't lived up to my expectations. I'm not saying that I am an expert in this industry or that I have the biggest makeup or shoe collection (even though they are unhealthily increasing, whoops) but I have had a huge passion with all that stuff ever since I can remember, like most girls will I assume. So I am just yet again another blogger who will be sharing my tips and tricks for the whole world to see. I hope you enjoy whats yet to come at clarabellasecrets, byeeee.

ooh I almost forgot to mention, thats me up there ^ :)

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