Review: Vera Wang Be Jeweled Perfume

January 26, 2015

So guess who's topped the charts for my all time favourite perfume? Yes thats right, good old Vera herself. Now, I don't know why I never decided to buy the Vera Wang Princess perfume when it was the latest craze and all bloggers and youtuber's were all about it, but I received one of her newer ones last christmas from my parents, and what can I say? Im in love! It's actually making me think about buying the Princess perfume with some of my birthday money that I will be receiving this Sunday, eeek.

Okay so lets get down to the good stuff! First of all, how adorable is the bottle? It's such a charming and girly bottle which literally looks like something a Disney Princess would have. Does anyone else think so? And since pink is one of my favourite colours, it just makes it so much more appealing to me. The cute little jewels also add a nice little touch hence the name of the perfume. Overall, I think that it has a really unique packaging and doesn't look every other perfume bottle, which is something that I really love.

As for the scent, it has a slight sophisticated and sexy scent to it, but mostly very fruity and fresh. I think that its a really nice scent for the evening and day time, and I also really like to save it for special occasions. I think that this perfume would be perfect for the summer because it has base notes of fruitiness, sweetness, sourness, freshness and woodiness. I'm so happy that I now have this perfume because it has even knocked Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck and Christina Aguilera's Eau De Parfum of the charts, and they have been number one for a very long time.

What is your favourite perfume right now?

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  1. That bottle is so lovely. I must try this perfume myself:)

    1. It is isn't it and you should, I really recommend it xx


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