Champneys Complete Home Spa Set

February 21, 2015

Most of the reviews that I write on my blog have generally been mostly makeup related, so today I wanted to share a set that I received from my grandparents this Christmas that I have seriously fallen head over heels in love with. Even though I've never actually been to one myself, we all know that going to a spa can be very expensive and to make these trips a regular thing would just burn a hole in your pocket. So I loved the fact that this set allows me to still have that spa experience but set  right in the comfort of my own home.

The set contains a citrus blush shower gel and body lotion which are infused with lemon, orange, sweet almond oil and other beautiful scents, as well as a skin comforting bathing milk, body scrub and body butter with citrus oils, passion fruit and mango extracts, and a small nail and hand cream.

When I want to use this set I always make sure the process is like a real spa experience and usually like to dedicate a few hours or a whole Sunday evening to really pamper myself. This way I can also be fully refreshed and prepared for the upcoming week ahead of me. I absolutely love every single product in the set and they are such a treat to use because they leave my skin feeling silky smooth and also smelling sweet and fresh with all of the citrus infusions.

All of the products also come in an adorable sturdy baby pink case which I will definitely continue using after I have used up all the products because its such a nice place to store all of your other pamper things so that they are all in one place and you can just grab them whenever you wish and want to relax. As well as using it to store all of your luxurious goodies, I also think that its a very handy case to pack all of your beauty and hair products when travelling.

I seriously can not get over how amazing all of these products smell and leave your skin feeling, so if your looking for a lovely little set which you don't mind breaking your bank account for then I definitely recommend trying it out. It would also be a lovely little gift to give your mum or other female loved ones in your life for mothers day soon.

What products do you use when you want to give yourself a little break and have a pamper night?

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