Review: Josie Maran Argan Color Stick

February 08, 2015

Mini Argan Colour Stick in Rosey

Wow has anyone else realised that I haven't put up a new post in 5 days!! Well I guess I should be explaining myself then.. so, the reason why I've been way too busy to look after my little blog for a few (a lot of) days is because college has totally taken its toll on me recently and I have had so much work to do, and still do in fact. Oh and it was also my birthday last weekend so I had a lot to do regarding my personal life too.

Okay, so when I created my blog, I knew straight away that the Josie Maran Argan Lip and Cheek Colour Stick was one of the many products that I knew I had to share with you guys because I just love it so much, and it's definitely one of the many products on my favourite high end makeup list. First of all, lets get down to basics on what it actually is. The Josie Maran website says that the "Argan Color Stick gives my lips and cheeks a quick infusion of natural-looking tintnever rouge-y, perfect for on-the-go. Natural ingredients make for a natural glow. My 100% Pure Argan Oil makes my Color Stick go on smoothly, effortlessly absorbent, and nurturing to skin and lips. I amp up the protection and conditioning with avocado, mango seed and shea butters, plus lemon tea tree oil and menthol to refresh and purify".

I mainly use it as a cheek stain and don't really bother with lips, but it's lovely knowing that I have the option if I'm ever in the mood for a rouge lip one day. Now there are so many reasons why I love this product as much as I do and a few include its gorgeous rosy smell which can be quite overwhelming if you normally opt for subtle scents or products that have no fragrance, but I personally love it. Another thing is it's pigmentation and the gorgeous rosy glow it leaves you with once you blend it in, and it is so easy to blend in without disturbing your base makeup like foundation and powder because it has a smooth consistency and is very moisturising. 

Now I can not write a review without mentioning the packaging, because this packaging is particularly appealing to the eye, especially to myself since I am in love with anything rose gold, and the fact that this product has a rose gold packaging makes it ten times better even without mentioning the gorgeous product inside it. It also has a few things about the product mentioned on the cap like 'made with natural ingredients', 'ultra-hydrating, multi-tasking balm for skin, hair.. anywhere', 'anti-aging benefits' and 'youthful radiance'.

Who else has tried this product before? Let me know what you think of it.

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