Review: MAC Studio Fix Foundation

February 20, 2015

For the first time ever, I finally decided to order something from the MAC website last week. I don't actually own a lot of MAC products for the simple reason that I do not live near a MAC store or counter (I think that the closest one is 37 miles away, which in my opinion is just not worth the journey if your only looking for one or two products). Another reason is that I have always been sceptical to buy products from the official website because since there are no local stores near my hometown I always imagined post and packaging charges to be up the roof, as well as the price of the products themselves, and as a student who still does not have a part time job at the minute, its pretty hard to dish up some extra pennies in order to buy such luxuries as a new MAC product. Anyways, last week I finally decided to give it a go because I have wanted this foundation for so long after seeing so much positive feedback about it, and turns out, the post and packaging was not bad at all (BONUS!!).

Okay, so lets actually start talking about the new love of my life, the MAC Studio Fix Foundation.. in shade NC15 to be precise. Now, do you know when you see all these crazy hypes across the beauty world but when you actually try them out for yourself, they just didn't live up to your expectation? Well this was not the case for this foundation because every positive review that I have read about it has been one hundred percent accurate.

It's so good that it has officially become my number one favourite high end foundation and even topped Urban Decay's Naked Skin Liquid Foundation right off the charts (even though I still love it very dearly). The foundation is medium to full coverage but is also buildable, so it's all depends on you as to how much you wish to cover, and as for the results, it has a matte finish and for myself personally, it pretty much lasts all day at college, with the exception of needing to top up my makeup after a good few hours with a little dab of concealer in any areas of redness, discolouration or acne. Another thing that I really like about this foundation is the fact that it is summer friendly with the added touch of SPF 15 which has amazing benefits to the skin like protecting it from the sun, so it feels good that this foundation is doing something extra to help our skin other than covering up and concealing those little imperfections and creating a clean base for the rest of our makeup routine. 

Even though this foundation has pretty much been made in the hands of God, I have to be honest and say that there is something which does slightly frustrate me, and that is the consistency because although it has a nice consistency for blending and easy application, it is a real task trying to get the product out of the bottle because of the no pump situation, however there is actually the option to buy a foundation pump separately on the website as well, but to be honest, I think I will just stick to shaking the bottle downwards before unscrewing the lid to use it because it does seem to help the foundation pour out faster.

Overall, this foundation is absolutely flawless and I can not believe that I left it so long before trying it out because it really was what was missing from my life (or makeup collection), and I also have a feeling that I won't be going back to another high end foundation any time soon. If you do have any recommendations of good high end foundations that you think completely beats the sock off the Studio Fix then please let me know in the comments.

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  1. I've never tried this, but I keep meaning to. I use MAC Studio Sculpt for everyday wear and it's amazing! They do some really great base products.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

    1. Oh well I definitely recommend giving it a go, but I've never tried to Studio Sculpt.. it might have to be the next thing on my makeup wish list :') x


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