25 Facts About Me

March 15, 2015

 1. I love discovering new TV shows and getting into the addiction phase where I want to do nothing with my life until I have finished watching every episode of that show.

2. My favourite TV shows right now are Gilmore Girls, Poldark (2015 series), Broadchurch even though series two has sadly ended now, and The Middle.

3. My favourite films are Dirty Dancing, The Maze Runner, and all of the Spider-Man films, mainly the Amazing Spiderman because Andrew Garfield is just phwoaarr.

4. Kate Middleton visited my secondary school when I was in Year 10

5. In the future I would love to travel to London, Australia, Greece, and America (especially New York, Washington, Florida.. and southern states like Tennessee for some strange reason).

6. I am addicted to bacon cheeseburgers, like it is my favourite food.. EVER!!

7. I love watching films and my DVD collection is increasing day by day.

8. I have wanted to go to University ever since I was little and I can not believe that in two years or so I will (hopefully) actually be a University student.

9. I'm actually a little bit of a clean freak and love it when all of my things are tidy and organised. I mean they don't have to be OCD clean, but just enough so that I know where everything is and I can keep track of everything.

10. You will soon come to learn that I am in love with Luke Hemmings and Dylan O'Brien.

11. I'm probably speaking for the majority of the British population, but Eastenders has become my LIFE.

12. My great great granddad was awarded the Victoria Cross for his outstanding courage in the Second World War.

13. A goal of mine in the next few Summer's is to visit as many castles and historical monuments as I possibly can as I love history and exploring all of this stuff, learning about past generations.

14. As a sixth form student, I am currently studying A-Level English Literature, A-Level History and BTEC Theatre Studies.

15. I always have this phase every couple of months where I will watch my full box set of FRIENDS from start to finish everyday until I've finished the last episode, and will not watch anything else until I've watched them all.

16. I have a VERY big family and I love it so much. So big that I have 4 brothers and 1 sister, yeah, I know..

17. I can not wait to start driving so that I can start exploring and visiting places because I love travelling, as well as road trips.. oh my gosh, I love road trips.

18. My dream is to have my own clothing or cosmetics line of some sort.

19. The only times I have ever been out of the country is when I went on family vacations to Paris in France and Paphos in Cyprus, which were both incredible and beautiful places.

20. The sun instantly puts me in the best mood.

21. I spent every Saturday at a theatre school for one year and did two productions with them. One was called 'The American Dream' which is not about what you think its about if you have ever studied American history in school, but was actually about a diner girl who wished to be a star, and there was dances and scenes with music from Grease, Dirty Dancing, Blues Brothers and Elvis Presley etc. Last Christmas, we also did a pantomime of Little Red Riding Hood, where I took the lead role as Little Red.

22. I used to go horse riding before I went to my theatre school, and I rode for about 5 - 6 years.

23. I have never broken a bone in my body *Im touching wood right now*

24. My favourite animal are pandas <3


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