Friday Favourites

April 03, 2015

Happy Friday! Since its Easter weekend I wanted to share some of the things that I have been loving and that have been catching my eye this spring season. I will also make sure that I link everything I found so that if you're interested then you can also have a little nosey.

Every time I've find myself browsing through online boutiques and stores, I seem to be always looking for clothes with a monochrome design. A couple of weeks ago I couldn't resist it any longer, and decided to buy a striped crop top from a store called dresslink, and now, I'm really contemplating about making this top my next order which is from I have no idea what it is thats drawing me to stripes so much but I just really love the simplicity of the pattern because stripes can be worn at pretty much any time. You could wear them casual and stick a striped tee with some jeans or leggings, or you could incorporate them into a dressier outfit for evenings out and they would still look just as classy.

I finally jumped onto band wagon last night and created a Tumblr blog.. it certainly took me long enough, and considering I started it lastnight, I would say that I am pretty much hooked. I reckon that in a few days I will have a dangerous and unhealthy obsession. If you want to follow my blog then you can click here.
Rose Gold
I have been an admirer of rose gold for quite a while now and anything that has rose gold on, I'm all over it. These headphones are so out of my price range, but hey, a girl can dream right? My parents would think that I'm crazy to spend over £100 on headphones, but one day I will get my hands on these babies.

I have no explanation.. I just.. I have a feeling that ill be transforming into a walking doughnut very soon now.

Pastel Colours
Spring is here which means that pastel is back! Whether its on my nails, part of my outfit, or just anything that that I see on an everyday basis, pastel is everywhere and I am thoroughly enjoying this traditional spring phase.

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