Lipstick Must-Haves For Summer

April 10, 2015

Summer is vastly approaching, yippee!! So that only means one thing, right? Dishing out all of our Summer makeup thats been hiding in the back of the cupboard. Our bright pink and orange lipsticks, our BB creams and foundations with added SPF, and all our bronzing goodies which are enough to make us all look like bronzed goddesses. There are two lipsticks in my makeup collection which really stand out to me when summer approaches, and if you couldn't tell already, are obviously the ones pictured above.. duhh.

I absolutely love wearing bright pinks and corals in the summer because they really make your makeup pop, but you cant go wrong with a nice nude as well for the days when you want to play it simple, or the days when you have gone for a really bold eye and don't feel like being that person who wears a lip colour that clashes with your eyes. My all time favourite nude lip colour is MAC's Viva Glam V Lipstick which is a neutral pink that has a lustre finish. May I also add that I think it smells absolutely divine, I really do, and I have no idea why because a lipstick is a lipstick and they pretty much all smell the same, but for some reason I cant help myself but smell the tube every time I use it.

My next summer lipstick essential is of course a bright coral. The Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Streak is a coral pink with a creamy formula that remains on your lips without feeling dry or as though it will just rub off. It also has amazing pigmentation and doesn't necessarily need re-applying for a good few hours, unless you have been eating and drinking a lot, then it may need a little touch up afterwards. Both lipsticks are around the £15 price range which is definitely worth it for an incredible high end product.

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  1. Streak from UD is such a beautiful shade! I have to swatch it next time I am in Sephora!

    Annie |

    1. I know right!! Oh you definitely should :) x


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