Subtle Summer Makeup

April 09, 2015

I was doing my sisters hair and makeup earlier because she had bought a hair doughnut when she went shopping earlier with our mum. She had been wanting one for ages and I tried to show her how to properly use one since I have never had one before either and was completely new to it. Since I was making her hair all nice and pretty, I thought it would be nice to do her makeup as well and have a little photoshoot for my blog.

I wanted to do something soft and subtle since she is only young and doesn't wear makeup on an everyday basis, only when I need her to be my little mannequin to try out new looks, but I also still wanted to do something that anybody can wear. I obviously decided to incorporate it with something smoky since I am really digging smoky eyes right now, but with pinks and golds rather than browns and taupes. I decided to use my favourite lip gloss right now which is bareMinerals marvelous MOXIE in the colour Rebel.

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  1. Your sister is adorable. That makeup look is really pretty for the spring/summer xx


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