Everything Gets Better With Time

May 06, 2015

I didn't plan on writing a blog post tonight, especially since its 11:47 pm and I've been so busy with revision and preparing for my exams next week that I really haven't had the time to prepare content. However, tonight I had just finished a book that I was really enjoying. It was something that I related to on so many different levels and it really spoke to me and got me thinking. Growing up is stressful, I know that, you know that, everyone knows that and there is no chance that the everyday person goes a day without feeling a little bit of anxiety or stress about something, even if its just making a decision on what to wear that day. I have never wrote a personal post on my blog before where I just rambled on about whats on my mind and just let my thoughts and heart take control and determine what I type, but I really wanted to share this feeling I have with you guys as I just love to connect with my readers, who I now refer to as my friends because you are all so lovely and kind, and the response you all leave on my blog always puts a smile on my face.

Anyways, back to my point... actually, do I even have a point to this post? I don't actually think this post has any reason at all to be honest, it seems as though I'm just going to continue rambling. Oh well, let the ramble proceed! Now I'm not going to lie because I promised you guys that I would always be honest on my blog. I have definitely had my fair share of problems growing up, friendship problems - falling in and out of friends, making new friends and losing those who I were once so close to that I thought of them as my 'sisters from other misters'. Then there were the expected boy issues, you know, liking a boy one day but another the next, same old, same old. Oh and not to forget school and the never ending stress which is just pressures you into thinking that you need to do well and get good grades or else your future will just go down the drain and you will end up working in McDonald's for the rest of your life. I mean who is this insane person who decided that all kids have to make a decision about the rest of our lives just as we are leaving primary school, and putting away and colouring books and sandboxes.

We are only just discovering ourselves never mind planning out the next 40 years of our lives. I honestly think that it is absolutely ludicrous. Do teachers even have any kind of sympathy for us? Do they not see the bags under our eyes from staying up all night studying and the spots that are growing on our faces like cherry tomatoes due to the stress of making sure we get into a good college or university? And finally, the constant anxiety over this idea of having to be 'perfect' just to fit in. The media now brainwashes teenagers into thinking that they have to have a thigh gap, no imperfections, and need a toned body to be socially acceptable. Yuck-ee!

What I guess I am trying to say is, I would be lying if I said that my life has been one easy ride, but whose has? If yours has, then I am so very jealous.

However, even though there are moments in our lives which aren't the most pleasant, big, small, it doesn't matter. The point is, we shouldn't let them take charge of our lives and manipulate us into being a person who we don't want to be. If there's anything I have learnt from my experiences its that I have the choice. I have the choice to be whoever I want to be, I have a choice to decide what I want to do with my life, I have a choice to do whatever I want to do and whenever I want to do it because I am in charge of my own life. Whatever path I take, I will want to take it because it was my choice , and it doesn't matter if you make a wrong decision and choose the wrong path because another thing I have learnt is that all of our mistakes only shape us into the person we are today and if it were not for these bad decisions, then we wouldn't be this person looking back on us through a mirror.

The most important thing that I learnt from this book is that time really is a great healer and if you're going through a rough patch in your life or you are feeling really stressed, maybe about exams, which I know is definitely mine right now, then you should always remind yourself that this will not last forever and things will ALWAYS get better, it just depends how long time takes to heal. My tips for you, if you are someone who isn't having the most pleasant time right now, is to picture yourself after you have healed. You should be happier, less stressed, more relaxed. You should be thinking to yourself, did I really let this get the better of me before I was strong enough to overcome it? I am much stronger now and I am so proud of myself that I fought this and that I am in a better, a happier place.

Also, I am a firm believer in the old saying that everything happens for a reason and have always referred back to this when I am faced with a problem, so for now on just think, this little problem which I am going through right now, maybe it was meant to happen. Maybe its their to make me stronger? give me more courage? confidence? Or maybe it was there to teach me a lesson and to aid me in the right direction. Always try and look at the positives of any situation, no matter how hard or difficult it may seem at the time because there will always be some good out that comes out of it. Hey who knows, you might be dealing with a heartbreak now, but this time next year, you could be flying to Paris or Rome chasing the job of your dreams.

So if theres anything you should take from this blog post tonight, its that:
1. You shouldnt let a bad past, memory or choice defy the person who YOU want to be 
2. Your past whether bad or good can only shape you into the person you are today
3. Time is a great healer and things do work out in the end, it just depends how long it takes for time to heal you
4. Everything happens for a reason
5. Always look at the positives rather than the negatives

So what do you all think of tonights blog post then? Was it too much? Or a nice change from the usual makeup and fashion post? I am definitely sticking to my normal routine of beauty and fashion posts, after all, this is why I created clarabellasecrets, but let me know if this post has helped any of you in some way or another and whether or not you would like more posts like this in the future. I know that I am unaware of certain things that some people may be going through in their personal lives and maybe this post was too strong or too far away in understanding, but I didn't write this for any specific people or issues and I, myself, am not going through anything over than turning into an exam maniac, but I would like to think that in some way or another, this helped someone as there are several life lessons featured in this post, which I tried to summarise at the top, and I guess, my main point is that no matter how bad something may seem at the time, you will rise above it and things WILL get better.

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