Lauren Conrad Beauty Bibles

May 04, 2015

When it comes to finding inspiration whether thats for new blog posts or helping me decide what outfit I should put together each day, I always refer back to my Lauren Conrad beauty bibles. These two books have everything you possibly need to know about all things makeup, fashion and beauty. 

Whether thats fitness tips, makeup tutorials, fashion essentials, and even sections dedicated to de-stressing and taking time for yourself. There are also checklists of everything you should have for every occasion or event, as well as personal memories and experiences from the very own Lauren Conrad.

I absolutely adore Lauren and she has been an inspiration of mine since I can remember whether thats because of her admirable choice of outfits which we see her sporting on the red carpet or caught in by the paparazzi, or her endless list of tips and life lessons she shares with us on her blog and in these books.

I would definitely recommend giving them a try because there are a lot of things that I didn't even consider before reading them and now I have learnt so much about my skin and  what are actually in the cosmetics that are taking storm in today's high street.

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