Weekend Favourites

May 17, 2015

Its that time again, when I share some of my favourite things that I have been loving whether thats makeup, fashion and beauty related, or just anything in general. I have been a fan of a lot of things recently so I thought it would be the perfect time to share them with you all.

Freederm Fast Track Spot Treatment
Acne is the most pleasant subject to talk about in terms of skincare, but recently (probably due to exam stress) I have been breaking out more than usual, especially on my chin. Yesterday I had enough and was so done trying to conceal sore, itchy red spots and so picked up the Freederm Fast Track Spot Treatment when I went to Sainsbury's with my nana. I know 24 hours isn't the longest amount of time to be able to give a product a proper opinion, but I don't need anymore time to see results because I have already noticed the redness start to disappear and the spots starting to clear up.

Barry M Nail Paint in Mint Green
I got this nail polish last summer for my Year 11 Prom and a couple of days ago I decided to get it back out again and when I painted my nails I wondered why I ever stopped using it. It is the most beautiful mint green colour, hence its name. It astounds me how affordable Barry M nail polishes are, yet they are such great quality. They have the perfect formula which makes application so simple and easy, they also have a fantastic range of colours and last absolutely ages before chipping.

2 Broke Girls
I finished Teen Wolf a couple of weeks ago and needed something else to watch, so even though I had already seen a few episodes before, I decided to start watching 2 Broke Girls and I'm absolutely obsessed. As much as I love my British television (especially Eastenders) theres no going wrong with a good sitcom and 2 Broke Girls is the perfect fix. After watching it you can be guaranteed that you will always feel good afterwards as well as an ache in your tummy, probably because of all the laughing you have been doing whilst watching it, but its so worth it. After I have finished 2 Broke Girls, I'm thinking about starting Brooklyn Nine Nine or Nashville. Whats on everybody else's list of shows to watch next?

Red High Top Converse
I need to buy some more shoes!! Like seriously, I pair these babies with every outfit, even if they don't go with what I'm wearing. Who can blame me though? They are so comfy and pretty much do go with a lot of outfits, depending on which colour you have. I would also say that they are probably one of my favourite shoes, especially the high tops.

Laura Geller Baked Brûlée Blush in Lychee Rose
Its no secret that I'm a huge fan of Laura Geller Cosmetics if you have read some of my previous posts featuring products from my baked cosmetics collection. One product that has particularly stood out to me recently is the Baked Brûlée Blush in Lychee Rose. It may look rather intimidating and I cant deny the fact that it is extremely pigmented, but don't let that put you off because as long as you lightly dust your brush on your cheeks then there is no going wrong. Your cheeks are left looking rosy and glowy, perfect for summer.

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