Fashion Trends That I Am Thankful For

June 05, 2015

Throughout the course of fashion history, there have been so many trends and hypes that when looking back, I have either regretted or have just never looked twice. I have my childhood to thank for that. One of my most hated trends which is a personal opinion because some may like it, is double denim. I just cringe at the sight of double denim and when looking back on old childhood photos, I find that I am eternally grateful to my mum for not making me wear that disastrous combination. However, there are some trends which I am so grateful for, and to this day I still wear even if it was 'so yesterday' because I just can't get enough. Below are just some of my many favourites.
First up is the god sent that most people prefer to call jeggings. I'm not really sure if jeggings are that popular but I am sure that they will get their moment in the spotlight some day because how can trousers that look like jeans but have the comfort of leggings not sound tempting. I hate the clingy feeling and material of jeans, especially in the summer, so jeggings are perfect for me. I would say that I'm the comfort before style kind of gal and would much rather spend my days wearing something comfy rather than being uncomfortable all day, so its a real winner when you find something that fits both comfort and style.
Shirt dresses aren't for everyone and I could quite possibly see why that is. One bad looking shirt dress and you may walk out of your house looking like your not wearing any bottom clothing, but I think if you can pull it off then good on you. I have my own shirt dress which is a red plaid pattern but I have never been brave enough to wear it in public, especially since the weather hasn't been warm enough, which results in me wearing it to bed like a nightie with some black knee high socks. I have also been around looking for more laid-back ones like the one pictured above because I really want to work with them and try and pull shirt dresses off in public.
If you've been reading my blog for a while now then you will already know about my absolute love for horizontal stripes. Theres something about stripes that I just feel flatters my body rather than doing the opposite. Is it a crazy and obsessive thing to say that I really wish I could have every dress above? Yeah, I thought so. Anyways, I just cant get enough of stripes and will probably never stop loving them.
Ah converse. I have a feeling that these babies will never go out of style. They have stuck around since the 20s and to this day, converse is still one of the most famous footwear brands. Even the 10th Doctor wore either red or white high tops, which in all honesty is one of the main reasons why I decided to purchase the red ones a few years ago. I love the mint coloured ones above and have been debating about getting the white ones for a long time but I know for a fact that I will never keep them clean. Converse go with absolutely every style and outfit, which is probably one of the reasons why they have stayed around for as long as they have, as well as their comfort and different styles and colours.

Let me know what trends you are thankful for that I haven't mentioned in this post

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