Going for the Gold

June 25, 2015

The time has come and I have finally made my way out of my eyeshadow comfort zone. If you've been reading my blog for a while now then you will know that I have been getting into the habit of just sticking to neutral toned eyeshadows and have always been going for browns and taupes in my everyday eye look, but recently, especially with Summer approaching, I have been playing around with gold and bronze colours. Gold is such a versatile colour and compliments pretty much any season whether thats being the traditional Christmas colour along with red, white, silver and green, or in Autumn with warmer colours, or in Summer when your feeling that Golden/Bronze goddess mood. Gold has always reminded me of summer so I thought I would experiment with different golds to see what looks I could come up with. My favourite one was inspired by the sunset which I also featured in my latest video which was the Summer Evening Hair & Makeup.

The products that I have been using to achieve these looks are the Laura Geller Baked Brûlée Eyeshadow in Orange Blossom which came in the Baked Macaroon 9 Piece Set, Maybelline Color Tattoo in 05 Eternal Gold, and Barry M Dazzle Dust in 44 Bronze. All of the eyeshadows are super pigmented and can we all just appreciate how pretty the Baked Brûlée Eyeshadow is from Laura Geller. You guys know how much I love Laura Geller and one of the main reasons is because of her baked cosmetics because they are always so delicately made and look absolutely perfect.

I also love my Color Tattoo which is the product that I have been going for the most because even though it is slightly messy since you have to apply it with your fingers, it looks amazing and blends in so easily.  I also always make sure I have some tissue or baby wipe next to me so that once I have applied it, I can wipe my fingers so that it doesn't go all over my makeup brushes. The durability also lasts all day and doesn't start to fade until the very end of the day. It does slightly crease if you don't apply a primer beforehand but its not too noticeable. Ive also had this pot for a really long time and it still hasn't showed any signs of drying out, so it is definitely worth every penny. 

As for the Dazzle Dust, I don't use it all of the time if I'm going to be completely honest, just because it is a loose pigment and does get everywhere if your not careful. I would not recommend using it if your in a time crunch just because you need to be really careful when handling it. Depending on how much you load your brush with, the Dazzle Dust can be used as a bright and bold colour or as a subtle shimmer over your eyeshadow. It has a smooth and blendable application since it does look slightly intimidating with it being a loose powder and you never really know how much you have on your brush until you start applying it, but it really does look perfect every time and even if you feel like you have put too much on your brush you can easily tap it off into the pot or the lid. If its looking a little cakey on your eyes then its easily blendible so you really cant go wrong.

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