Review: Collection Sheer Loose Powder

June 11, 2015

I was in Tesco yesterday with my mum and brothers to pick up a new spot cream for my brother since his prom is coming up soon and whilst I was there I couldn't not browse through the delightful makeup aisles seen as though they were just right next to the Clean & Clear and skincare aisles. I knew I needed a new powder before I got there so I decided to check out what they had on offer. As well as a new powder, I came across the American candy aisle whilst I was looking for my mum and I just couldn't resist. I've got this thing where I just want to try as much American candy as I can because they have started selling them in my local supermarkets and shops for reasonable prices. In the end I decided to pick up a Butterfinger and a Tootsie Roll. The Toots was definitely my fav!

But anyways, back to the powder. I picked up the Collection Sheer Loose Powder because I've only ever used a loose powder once which was the NYC Smooth Skin Loose Powder and for the rest of the time, I've always just used pressed powders, but I wanted to try something different this time because I thought that loose powders would be lighter and would be a lot more convenient for summer. I hate heavy makeup in the summer so you can imagine how much this thought appealed to me. I think the reason I stopped using NYC was because of the big, bulky packaging and the fact that I couldn't carry it in my makeup bag without it filling up half of it, but I remember really liking the actual powder.

When I used the powder this morning for the first time, I absolutely loved it. The overall application process was simple with no mess, and I found that a little went a long way because I didn't need to pack my brush with powder and just dusted the brush in the pot, tapping off excess as I went. I also really liked the scent of it which is quite odd because its a powder, but it had a silky sort of scent which reminded me of a good old fashioned powder that my nana keeps in the spare bedroom of her house.

The powder is also translucent but I didn't mind because I think I would rather have a translucent powder rather than one that builds up more colour because there is always the option of using bronzer afterwards. Overall, the powder felt light on my skin rather than being cakey, the application process was simple with no mess, I personally thought it smelt amazing, and it has kept my makeup in place for a good few hours now and it is boiling outside.

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