Review: No7 Lovely Lashes Mascara

June 08, 2015

Being a beauty blogger you can assume that I love collecting makeup just as much as a stamp collector loves collecting stamps and a coin collector loves collecting coins. Spending all of your extra pocket money to try out the new hypes and crazes, ah, I just love makeup. One type of makeup product that I love experimenting with is mascara. I have huge eyes and when I'm doing my makeup, I always focus on my eyes to enhance them and show them off to the world. I also love seeing what each brand has to offer and finding out which ones I prefer for future reference.

In the time that I've been collecting makeup, I've come across some wonderful mascaras, but I've also come across a few that have done nothing but disappoint me (we've all been there, I know). I'm so happy that this mascara is on team wonderful because I love No7. I was actually quite surprised that I like this mascara as much as I do because I have such high expectations thanks to my Laura Geller StyleLASH Intense Lengthening Mascara and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. They are my favourite mascaras on the market right now if you couldn't tell already from past blog posts.

Since I already have naturally long lashes without mascara, I felt like one coat of product made no difference to the length and volume. It didn't lift my lashes as much as the other two, but the word natural is on the packaging so it was obvious that they weren't going to look extremely long and voluminous. It's quite nice to have a mascara that doesn't make your eyeslashes look really dramatic because in the summer, I always play it simple and natural. Who can be bothered to have loads of makeup on your eyes in the summer anyway? However, the mascara is buildable and if you want more volume then just add another coat or two. I loved how my lashes look with two coats and the product enhanced their natural length and volume rather than looking caked with product. The chunky soft bristle brush ensures that the application is even and the lashes remain separated.

The pigmentation is also fantastic and they look so dark which makes them look a lot fuller. The nourishing argan oil conditions the lashes and adds a wonderful soft gleam to them which makes them look all the more healthier. It also makes me feel so happy that my makeup is finally helping my lashes rather than drying them out. I also think that the argan oil prevents your lashes from feeling hard and stuck together when it dries, which I really despise because it makes it so difficult and painful to remove.

If you're looking for something which will give you natural looking lashes then this one is definitely for you. It's perfect for summer, school/college, or days when you dont want to wear a full face of makeup, which is me on most days. Like I said, one coat definitely doesn't fit the bill for me, but with a couple of coats, you can definitely see a difference. It didn't give me super volume like the other two mascaras but it did lift my lashes enough to have a natural looking effect as well as it staying that way for a good few hours.

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