Aluminé Skincare

July 02, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I was sent some products from a brand called Aluminé to review on my blog. Aluminé has been designed in collaboration with celebrity cosmetologist, Peter Lamas. Lamas has worked with many celebrities from the likes of the old Disney star, Raven-Symone, and Criminal Minds' very own Joe Mantegna. Other Hollywood idols include Eric Stonestreet and Rico Rodriguez from Modern Family, La Toya Jackson, and even Mayim Hoya Bialik from the Big Bang Theory.

I was gifted with some amazing skincare products as well as a Sea Silk Volumising Styling Mousse* which I will be doing a separate post on. On my PR/Advertising page, I promised that all views would be my own and I would not post any false opinions about a product just because they were sent by a company, but I can honestly say that this skincare brand has made a very positive change to my skincare routine. The products that I received were a Detoxifying Citrus C Facial Cleanser*, Exfoliating Pumpkin Scrub*, Nourishing Buriti Oil Moisturiser*, and a Brightening Emblica Eye Cream*. Of course the pumpkin scrub appealed to me the most because how good does that sound? Not to mention its divine scent, which always reminds me of doughnuts every time I use it.

As I was trying out each product for the first time, I took some notes on my first impression to compare them to the overall results after two weeks. The cleanser had a gel consistency which is fantastic for those with oily skin. It also had a rich lather so that I could fully work it into my skin to get the most out of the product. There was no distinctive scent like the pumpkin scrub, just a subtle and pleasant hint of coconut. One thing that I admired from this cleanser was that I didn't have to go over my face with a wipe in order to fully remove anything thats left on my skin, which is something that I find myself doing with other cleansers. In order to test this out, I wiped my face with a face wipe to see if there was any excess makeup left on my skin, and to my surprise, the wipe was still clean. Overall, my skin was left feeling clean and refreshed, and also had that glow that you get after a really thorough double cleanse. 

As for the pumpkin scrub, which is definitely my favourite just because of the name. My first impression of the scrub was that the consistency wasn't as gritty as I'm used to due to my skin type. For someone with sensitive skin, I should imagine that this scrub would be perfect for you because it is very gentle and definitely exceeds its expectations. The scrub contains pumpkin enzymes and apple and almond acids to dissolve impurities within the pores, as well as apricot seeds and micro-spheres to polish away dead skin cells, pumpkin oil, aloe vera and vitamin E to protect and hydrate the skin, which all sound way too appealing. Both the cleanser and scrub wash off easily and there is no sticky reside left behind, just refreshed and rejuvenated skin. They sort of remind me of products that you would come across in a spa that just entice you into buying them because of their professional looking packaging. 

The two moisturisers also definitely took me by surprise as I never believed that they would work as good as they have. As I opened them up and gave them a try, the first thing that came to mind were the Elemis moisturisers that my mum uses and how much they remind me of them. They had a similar consistency, application and scent, only the Aluminé ones are a lot more affordable for a high end brand. I also noticed that a little really does go a long way with these products because the application is so simple due to the oil based formulas. I really liked the packaging as they once again looked so expensive and professional.

After two weeks of using Aluminé skincare, I have noticed delightful results and changes to the condition of my skin, as well as many others who have been stopping to compliment me on how much nicer my skin is looking. My skin feels firmer and softer, and looks a lot clearer than it used to as the acne on my skin has cleared up. I've also noticed that my makeup application is a lot smoother and with great skin condition, I have also lasted a lot longer before having to go to the restroom to touch up certain areas. Aluminé products are an absolute pampering treat and a skincare must that I recommend everyone to try out and tell me about their results down below.

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