July 31, 2015

For a while now, I've been so unhappy with the layout of clarabellasecrets and have been contemplating whether or not I should get template that was professionally designed. As good as free blogger features are when you are new to blogging, they just weren't cutting it for me anymore and since I have been blogging for over half a year, I wanted to take a new step with my blog and start making it more professional looking.

I already bought my own domain a couple of months ago and now it was time to make it into something I was proud of when I logged into my blog and not something that was getting me down. My new blog design is everything I wanted my blog to look like and it took me quite a while to find one that I fell in love with because I wanted to find the right one, and believe me, I knew when it was the one. It completely reflects off my personality and the person I am behind the screen. I took a few snapshots of the finished result for my bloglovin' readers.

If your in the market looking for a new and professional looking, but affordable blog design then I fully recommend visiting the ladies from Designer Blogs. They have a wonderful selection of beautiful blog designs as well as tutorials and helpful guides for getting the most out of your blog. The process was also so quick and easy. I bought my template and the next minute, I was adjusting the fonts and colours to how I wanted them. Once you've purchased your new template, you get an email with two  download links. One is a step by step guide showing you how to transfer the design to your blog, and the other which is the design HTML.

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  1. Great revamp :), I used Pipdig when I updated mine and they were fantastic x

    1. thank you rebecca and I'm glad they worked for you x


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