Fashion Through The Decades

July 06, 2015

Fashion changes all of the time, day by day, hour by hour, even minute by minute, people across the world are experimenting with different fabrics, looks and styles. I mean if fashion didn't change then we would still be wearing old rags that cave men wore, even though I doubt they were hardly a fashion statement. I compiled some of my favourite periods of fashion which now make me really wish I could host five themed costume parties just so I can dress up like the women in those periods.

The 20s
Ahh the roaring 20s, when fashion became all the more glamorous. Women gradually started to earn the respect that they deserve, especially after their contribution to the war effort. So what better next step than to rebel against society and break compulsory fashion 'rules'? In the early 1900's, it would have probably been a scandalous thing for women to wear what they wore in the 20's but as the century moved ahead, it was a lot harder to stop them. Dresses got shorter and way more revealing. Flapper girls who most may only be familiar with because of The Great Gatsby, were so glamorous and the dresses were absolutely stunning. Women were also starting to experiment more with their makeup and it was all about thin eyebrows, dark smoky eyes, and deep red lips.

The 40s
For some reason I quite like fashion choices of the 40s. Women just looks so sophisticated with their padded shoulders and above the knee dresses that cinched in at their waists. It was all about the hourglass figure back then and even mens suit's followed a similar guideline to women's clothing. More women were also seen wearing their own kind of suits and pants which was always seen as stereotypical masculine clothing. Also how trendy were their swimsuits? I'm so glad that I've spotted a few retro, 40's inspired swimsuits on the market recently because that period should never go out of style.

The 50s
Every time I think of the 50's, I'm always reminded of Grease and the good ol' Rock and Roll days, which makes me so jealous that I wasn't born in that era. Looking back, this was definitely one of my top favourites. Vintage, vintage, vintage. The 50's was the mother bear of vintage and I'm all for that life. I can happily say that I've worn a poodle skirt before in a summer show that my old performing arts school put on and it was awesome. I felt just like a student from Rydell High. Also looking back, there are so many 50's staples that have influenced today's trends. High waisted shorts and pants, cat eye glasses, the midi skirt, floral prints, varsity jackets, and even the 3-D boom of the 1950s. Oh man, I just really want to be living in the 50's right now.

The 60s
The 60's aka the start of a new 'hippie' age. The start of the 60's were similar to the 50s and clothing was still conservative and restricted, but that soon changed once everything became bright and funky later on. There wouldn't have been a chance catching someone in colours of the 60's a decade ago, but this era definitely showed us how tie-dye shirts are supposed to be worn. If you think that the 20's were bad for their short skirts then you definitely need to check out the fashion choices of this period. They definitely pushed all boundaries and restrain, and showed more skin than ever before.

The 90s
Even though I was still a 90s kid, I was born way too late to fully experience the joys of 90s life. Just imagine what it would have been like to have been a 90's teenager. I personally would have loved it. I mean kids actually went out with their friends to malls and the arcades, rather than sitting inside playing video games all day. When I watch films like Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, and She's All That, it makes me wish that 90's trends and lifestyles would make a return.

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