Review: Aluminé Sea Silk Volumising Styling Mousse

July 27, 2015

Ahh, Aluminé, Aluminé. This blog post has been a long time coming and I am finally getting back into the habit of blogging after what seems like the longest break. I should probably address my absence whilst I'm on topic. I didn't completely go MIA and was still active on all of my social media, except my blog. The reason for this is because after I broke up from college for the summer, I wanted to take a little break to completely relax and destress from the previous year I had at college. Blogging isn't something that stresses me out, in fact, its something that I thoroughly enjoy and I never see it as a compulsory thing to get stressed and worked up about. As long as I remain active and put out good quality content then I don't see why I should be strict with myself and have a router for specific days to post. Although that may work for some, I would just feel too forced and would lose the entire flow of my imagination.

I basically used my chill out time to take it easy, spend time at home with my family and catch up on LOADS of TV. I was also feeling really uninspired with my photography and although blog post ideas were popping up everywhere, my photography was really   getting me down because the weather has been awful in the UK and my photos always seemed to look dark and awful no matter how much I brightened them up. Anyways, I'm back now and I hope you all didn't mind my short absence.

As you all know, Aluminé Skincare has made quite the addition to my skincare routine and everything I received is now all featured in my daily steps, whether thats on a morning or evening. The scrub isn't harsh whatsoever so I feel assured that I can use it more than once a week without it damaging my skin because my skin feels amazing when I use it, and quite truthfully, I don't think I have enough will power to stop myself from using it so much. The directions on the back of the bottle actually say "Recommended for use a minimum of three times a week or daily.", so hey, if the bottle says I can use it more than once a week then there is nothing wrong with what I'm doing. I think its actually the doughnut scent I get every time I use it that makes me love it as much as I do. 

So whilst I've been completely lovestruck over the skincare line, I also had the haircare range to give a little try as well. I was sent the Sea Silk Volumising Styling Mousse* which is a volumising styling mousse which is supposed to "create volume and add shine and hold". To be truthfully honest, I've only used this product at most five times so I'm not sure whether that's enough to give an opinion on the difference its made to my hair condition because I haven't been using it regularly, and I've been switching between a few different products each time I wash my hair. I've also been trying finish the rest of my S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer Defrizzer & Tamer, which I finally threw out yesterday. As you know already, I'm much more of a hair oil and serum type of gal so you can imagine that I will always reach for them when I have options, but since I've pretty much used up all of my oils and serums, maybe I should start using this mousse more regularly to see if it makes a difference to my hair condition.

What I can say though is that although it hasn't made my hair as luminous and silky as the ladies from L'Oreal adverts, I do notice that once I've blow dried and straightened my hair with the product in, it does tend to show a subtle glow, which I love because I am all about faking healthy hair. My hair normally has a bit of volume anyway on the day I wash my hair, but this product is formulated to enhance the volume and keep it holding for longer, which in all honesty, it does in fact do because I pretty much always use dry shampoo on second day hair even if it doesn't look like it needs a quick refresh because it also restores the volume I had the day I washed it, but come to think of it, I don't think I ever had to use my dry shampoo every second day that I used this mousse.

The packaging is also very lovely and completely salon worthy. The consistency is also light and doesn't actually feel like you're putting anything in your hair, but don't be fooled, because too much of it might make your hair look greasy once it's dry. I suggest that you use this in damp hair because I have a feeling that it would be difficult to distribute on dry, and you should also focus on your roots and then work your way to the ends, just so you can see the full effect of it's volumising properties. Since it also holds as well as volumising, I should imagine that you could also use it as an alternative to sea salt spray if your not a fan of the salty spray. Instead of blow drying your hair afterwards, just scrunch your hair into your desired shape and let it dry naturally to enhance your natural waves (if your lucky enough to have any).

This mousse volumises, holds shape and curl, and gives your hair a healthy looking shine, what more could it offer? Oh yeah, it also locks in moisture, protects your hair from anything that comes your way, and provides long-lasting hydration. Did I mention that this is the ultimate summer hair essential? I love it dearly and advise everyone to consider it.

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