Who Do You Look Up To?

July 03, 2015

Every little girl and woman all have certain women who they look up to for many different reasons. My number ones are of course my mum and nans, but in terms of famous women, I have a few in mind who I have always idolised and most of them since I was a little girl. The majority of them are because of fashion and beauty reasons because that is the theme of my blog but I do have a couple of inspire me for general reasons, especially female empowerment.
Audrey Hepburn - Fashion & Beauty and General
Of course you guys know how much I love Audrey Hepburn. So much that I dedicated a whole post about why she inspires me and what she did in her lifetime which makes me see her for so much more than what she is labelled for. Instead of repeating myself then you can check out the post I wrote about her here, but in a nutshell, Hepburn was not only a British actress, but spent the majority of her time being a humanitarian and sponsoring various charities helping those who suffered from the impact of World War 2. She also spent time working in the most disadvantaged countries like Africa to do her part in making a difference in the lives of those who weren't as lucky as others. I am also in absolute admiration over Audrey Hepburn's style. I love little vintage touches now and then and Hepburn was all about her classic clothing. I would love to have a time machine just so I could pay a visit to 50s and experience how women did there hair and makeup, and dress up in all their vintage beauties.
Lauren Conrad - Fashion & Beauty
Lauren Conrad is an old favourite, but in fact, I still look up to her today if I'm in a fashion crisis and need to inspiration. I have a very girly sense of style similar to Lauren's which is why I can always refer to her for some help. She plays with simple pieces and makes them fit to any occasion whether thats dressing them up or dressing them down. Casual and girly seems to fit as labels for her style which is right up my alley. She is also full of information about all things fashion and beauty and I have learnt so much from her books. I also did a post about Lauren Conrad quite a while ago which you can all read here.
Zoe Sugg - Fashion & Beauty
Zoe Sugg is actually a pretty new inspiration of mine and I haven't actually idolised her since I was little like Lauren Conrad because she only started writing her own blog 'Zoella' back in 09, but ever since I started reading it and watching her YouTube videos, she has been a huge inspiration to me. I guess I feel that I can sort of connect with her the most out of all the others because she is one of the closer to my age group as well as being from the UK, and starting her career in a similar way to my own. She also has a very similar style to my own and again creates some of her best outfits out of most simple pieces. We also share the same affection for rose gold which always helps because I can always look at what jewellery she is wearing when I need my rose gold fix. Her makeup always looks absolutely stunning and is a real inspiration to women and girls of all ages.
Cara Delevingne - Fashion & Beauty
Cara Delevingne is one of the most famous and influential fashion icons out there in the modelling world, who has made an impression on pretty much every teenage girl out there. Her style is always so quirky and fun, and never has a serious face unless she's being payed to do so. When I look back on her instagram feed it always inspires me to actually go outside and enjoy my teenage years whilst I still have them. Her instagram is pretty much like a bucket list, am I right? She is very casual off the runway and I can find some of my favourite outfits using a bit of Delevingne inspiration.
Eva Pen - General (Female Empowerment)
As gorgeous as Eva Perón is, her sense of style is not quite the reason why she has made quite an impact on my own life and how I now view life. Female empowerment is something very close to my heart and a woman who taught me so much about its importance is the very own, Eva Perón. For those who aren't so familiar with her, Perón was the First Lady Of Argentina as well as being a spiritual leader of this nation. She was in office from 1956 until her death in 1952. She used this position to fight for important causes that she truly believed in. Some of which include running the ministries of health and labor in her husbands government, becoming a legendary figure in Argentine politics, founding the women's branch of the Perónist Party, creating the Eva Perón Foundation to help the poor of Argentina, and fighting for women's suffrage. The musical and film 'Evita' focuses on her story and position as the First Lady Of Argentina, and is really quite extraordinary. Madonna also takes the role of Eva in the film where she pulls off an amazing performance.

Who are your celebrity role models? Let me know :)

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