A Disappointing Eye Shadow Palette

August 23, 2015

I regret to inform all my lovely readers that I, for the first time in four years (which is probably the amount of time that I've been wearing makeup), have been disappointed by a No7 product. No7 has been there for me through some rough skincare times, but when in need of a new eyeshadow palette, I was sadly mislead by my own expectations.

Okay, so maybe that was a tad bit dramatic, but honestly, I really was let down this time by one of my favourite high street brands. No7 always have an amazing selection of skincare products on offer, and even though I've only tried a couple of two of their mascara's, which I was completely impressed with, I was expecting so much more. Before I tested out each shade, I felt like I was already starting to fall deeply in love with yet another makeup product because the packaging was absolutely stunning and was so unique. Most eyeshadow palettes now tend to be sleek and basic which don't get me wrong, looks gorgeous most of the time, but it was nice to see a pop of colour, especially since Summer isn't over yet. The case was also magnetic so seemed perfect for on the go and travelling because it was going to open in your makeup bag and get all over your stuff. Broken eyeshadow's never end well.

I've had this eyeshadow for a good few months now, maybe since the start of the year, and I'm not really sure why I put off using it but ever since I got my Laura Geller eyeshadows at Christmas, it seems like they're all I keep using. I also never bought it myself as it was given to me by my nana since she doesnt wear a lot of makeup, so all I know about it was that it came in a gift set which I now dont know the name of and has also stopped being sold on No7 counters, but I did find a few dotting around on eBay. However, if I saw this in Boots back then, I probably would have considered buying it after being persuaded by the packaging and a somewhat decent assortment of shades. 

When I swatched the colours by hand, they seemed fairly pigmented and most of them had a metallic shimmer, whilst a few remained matte. The colour pay off didn't wear off easily and I still had some residue on my fingers after wiping them with some tissue. Most of them looked fairly soft and neutral and I thought they would be perfect for those days when I'm not particularly feeling a full face of makeup and just want something simple, which is pretty much every college day, but then, it happened. My disappointment.

The second I loaded up my brush and began to sweep one of the colours on my eyelid, I saw nothing. I even resulted in facing my window to get some natural light and building up the colour, but they still weren't remotely noticeable. The only shades that I could get some colour out of were the blue and navy shades at the end of the palette. The first shade, which was sort of bone coloured was almost none existent on my eyes. I was utterly disappointed with the results and would not have repurchased the palette if they were still being sold separately.

So that does it. Has anyone else tried a No7 eyeshadow before? How were they for you? If the other palettes are much better then I would love to give No7 makeup another try to see if they can change my mind, but for now, I'll stick to their skincare range.

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