Finding Your Inspiration: 30 Blog Post Ideas

August 10, 2015

Inspiration is a huge aspect in the blogging community. In every blogger twitter chat that I've participated in, the word always pops up. I know that the very reason why I started my blog was because I was inspired and most of my blog post ideas come from things that I have seen or thought of because of something that inspired me. Without inspiration for our new creativity and ideas, everything would be so monotonous because there would be no originality. However, realistically we can't all feel inspired all of the time and I know for a darn fact that I don't. There are some days where my mind goes completely blank and my pen doesn't even touch my list of blog post ideas. I've found myself endlessly browsing through other blogs and searching the internet for new ideas. Here are thirty of the best ones that I've come across which will still ensure that you write a good quality piece and not something that your not particularly sure of just for the sake of writing a blog post. I've  also organised them into the three aspects my blog is based around because the majority of my audience read my blog because of our shared interests in these three areas.

1. Teach your readers something new and create a step by step tutorial on a new hairstyle or nail trend.
2. Review your newest lipstick or eye cream. We beauty fanatics love scoops on the latest makeup must haves.
3. Talk about an embarrassing beauty mishap or accident you made in the past. You might find out that a LOT of people did the same thing.
4. Go back through all of your old Facebook pictures and reflect back on your hair history.
5. Share your top beauty trips for travelling.
6. Have you had a beauty transformation recently, if so, why not show us how you did it?
7. Show us whats in your makeup bag right now.
8. Make a makeup wish list on everything you've been swooning over recently.
9. Give us a roundup on the products you've been loving this month.
10. What have you been using in your skincare routine? Show us what skincare products have been working for you.

1. Discuss your favourite decades of fashion. I did my own post about this right here.
2. Instead of beauty, make a fashion wish list!
3. Style some of the new additions in your wardrobe.
4. If your building up quite the shoe collection then photograph some of your favourites and explain why.
5. Outfit of the days are always interesting to read and get inspiration from. Make sure you let your readers know where each piece is from in case they see something they like.
6. Pick an item of clothing, like a skirt and top for example and show the different ways you can style it.
7. Share your old childhood outfits. I'm sure we can all have a laugh at some of the things our parents used to make us wear back in the day.
8. What should every woman have in her wardrobe? Create a list of all your fashion essentials.
9. Show us what you've hiding in your handbag.
10. Do you have any store recommendations that we should know about? Discuss your favourite high street shops and boutiques.

1. Be a photographer for the day! Go somewhere local that you have never been to before and take advantage of your surroundings by capturing every moment. Local parks are a great place to go. It's also an amazing opportunity to show off your photography skills.
2. Ask a blogger to guest post. You could brainstorm a few questions and ask a fellow blogger to answer them. Make sure that their blog is of a similar style to your own so that your questions will be interesting for them as well as fitting for your own blog. Guest posts are great for any blog and can be about absolutely anything. I did a Summer Beauty Guide for in May about my favourite summer essentials.
3. Take a photo each hour that your awake to show your day's progress.
4. Share your favourite films right now. A movie junkie like myself is always looking for new films to watch so share your favourites and give a girl some help.
5. Do an instagram diary. Make a collage of all your recent insta snaps and share them on your blog with the captions so your readers know what you've been up to. It's also a great and sneaky way to promote your feed, so don't forget to link your profile below.
6. Share your tips and tricks on something that your passionate about.
7. Is there an event or trip coming up? Bring along your camera and document your day to share with your blog readers.
8. Share your blogging journey with tips you have learnt along the way for those newby bloggers.
9. Set the records straight and answer a bunch of questions that you get asked all the time.
10. Write a post about your weekly/monthly/yearly goals and how your going to go about reaching them.

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  1. Aww what a great post! I am having so many days recently where I am sat ready to blog but my mind goes completely blank - so it is very useful to read posts like this! Your posts are always great though so good work lovely!

    Lauren x

    1. aw thank you so much lauren !! I'm so glad that you enjoy reading my posts x


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