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August 03, 2015

You know how at the end of my Simple Skincare post I said that there was a 1/2 price deal on at Superdrug and I was probably going to have a little browse online? Well thats exactly what I did and I was itching for my credit card before I finally decided to be sensible and buy one thing. It was a real challenge but I restrained myself and decided to pick the Kind To Skin Deep Cleansing Face Mask. I don't have a lot of face masks and wanted to try out a new one, so I thought what better brand to try than my favourite little Simple. Lets cut straight to the point, I've only tried this mask once and I feel like its enough to be able to tell you how much I already love it. I love fast results and definitely received them when I used this product.

It has a creamy consistency which is perfect for those of us with dry skin, but it actually goes on lightly and looks almost invisible once you apply it to your face. I felt like I used quite a lot to cover all of my face but its not like face masks should be used everyday like other skincare products and even though the packaging was a lot smaller than I expected, I have a feeling that it will last me quite a long time, especially since I only use a mask once a week and now have a few to choose from. It also recommends that you use it for 3 minutes but I actually put it on before I went in my bubble bath and washed it off once I got out so that I could get the most out of the mask.

It also contains natural clay which draws out dirt deep within the pores and absorbs excess oils, it's also natural too which is another one of the many reasons why I adore Simple (EVERYTHING is natural), seaweed extract which is a natural skincare moisturiser and helps to rejuvenate the skin, and finally, there is bisabolol which I had no idea what on earth it was or how it helps the skin, so I had to do some research. Bisabolol is frequently used in Simple products and is derived from Chamomile. It "acts as an anti-inflammotory and helps to soothe and calm the skin".

My skin felt so smooth and fresh afterwards, like I had a really good double cleanse. This mask is perfect if your on a budget and you want something affordable but also something that actually works since it is quite cheap. My nana always says that I should never trust anything cheap and you always get what you pay for. I always agree with her in most cases, but I'm afraid not this time, sorry Nana. This is the best £2 I've ever spent (its actual RRP is £4.99 when it's not on offer).

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  1. Thanks for your link on twitter.
    I've actually never tried any simple skincare but I think you might just have me sold with this one, great review.

    Chloe //

  2. I use Simple as a face scrub in the shower but didn't realise they did face masks! Not a bad price either so no harm in me trying it out for myself at some point :)
    Michelle x

    1. Ooh I've never tried the scrub before, this is definitely going to be my next purchase. There definitely isn't any harm at all, you should get it whilst it's still on sale :) x

  3. I love Simple stuff - the face mask looks great :) x

    1. me too !! and it really is, you need to try it out Tori x


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