No7 Completely Quenched Moisturising Body Lotion Review

August 06, 2015

I've just realised that I've never done a review on a body lotion before, but hey, theres a first time for everything right? I think the reason I put off doing reviews on body lotions was because I didn't think they would be all that interesting to read about. They're not like other beauty products and no matter what brand they're from, reviews will always be the same because every body lotion gives pretty much the same results. I doubt this will be a long review, but I actually prefer doing small, refreshing posts rather than the mini novels which I know I am guilty of, but I can seriously write paragraphs and paragraphs and not even notice.

I love the packaging of this body lotion and think the glossy sheen looks absolutely stunning. The bronze tones looks like something that I would take with me abroad to a hot country or something because bronze has always reminded me of summer for some reason. Does anyone else get that feeling or is it just me? It states that it "Keeps skin soft and hydrated all day long" and is also light and absorbs quickly into the skin. As for my own thoughts about this lotion, it does have a light consistency and feels very moisturising on the skin. Depending on how much you apply, determines how long it takes to soak in. When I put on a lighter layer, it doesn't take too long and soaks in fairly quickly, but one time I applied a much thicker layer on my legs for a deeper moisturise and it did take longer. Although, it should be expected because its normal for a thicker layer of lotion to take longer to absorb than a thinner one.

There's no sticky residue which is why this is has become one of my top skincare essentials because I absolutely hate sticky lotions that literally take all day to fully soak in; if it doesn't rub off onto your clothes first. Once its fully soaked in, it leaves your skin smelling so good and feels really soft, with the most subtle radiant glow. I have it on right now and I keep taking typing breaks to smell my wrist because its absolutely gorgeous. It's definitely more of a summer scent than autumn/winter which is probably another reason why this would be my ideal summer holiday lotion, but because of how moisturising this actual lotion is, I would probably use it anytime of the year. I can't find any specific fragrances labelled, but there is coconut oil and shea butter in the ingredients which both probably play their part in the divine scent.

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  1. I need this I suffer with dry skin and this sounds amazing!

    1. I have dry skin too and its an absolute life saver! I know that you can find it in Boots, but I'm not sure if No7 is sold anywhere else x


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