TV Shows That Have Taken Over My Life This Summer

August 24, 2015

It's no lie that I am a huge film and tv fanatic. I honestly watch Eastenders religiously and if I accidentally miss a night then I race to BBC iPlayer faster than Mo Farah on the race track. Since there's been no college commitments for a while, I have had plenty of time to start watching new shows and catch up on those I missed when I was revising for my summer exams. With that being said, there are certain shows that have completely taken over my life and have been watching way more than anything else. I can't help being addicted to them and have a feeling that I'm not going to stop anytime soon.

Pretty Little Liars
I started watching Pretty Little Liars way back, but with the big A reveal, I felt like it was my responsibility to go back over old episodes and prepare for the biggest twist in Pretty Little Liars history. PLL is one of my all time favourite TV shows and to be honest, I wasn't that disappointed with A's identity. I was obviously expecting something different, but who wasn't? However, I can see where people are coming from and it was a bit misleading after five years of waiting. I was hoping for A to be someone who we had never met before and was kind of expecting A to be a mysterious, masculine figure. I can't wait for the show to start again, especially because theres a five year time jump.

Akward's a new show for me and in just over a week I managed to watch all four seasons so that I was ready for the release of the last season at the end of the month. I thoroughly enjoyed every episode and there wasn't a single time when things went boring. If Awkward's taught me anything, it was to be prepared for anything because one thing just kept happening after an other and an other. There were break ups, make ups, rivalries, last minute parties, just pretty much everything a high school teenager goes through. I'm still not sure how I feel about the protagonist, Jenna Hamilton because I liked the character in the first couple of seasons, but then my tune sort of changed and there were times when I could literally tell her to get a reality check if I ever met her.. and she was real. I mean, cheating on Matty McKibben? MATTY MCKIBBEN? I couldn't handle it at this point, but I got through it like a little trooper and continued to watch it.

Lets be real. This is the reason why we all watch this show ^

Once Upon A Time
Ah, Once Upon A Time. This show is my absolute guilty pleasure because its so flipping addicting. The only struggle I'm having with it is how long it takes to get through each season. I love starting a show, being able binge watch episode after episode, and actually manage to get somewhere, which is why I love American sit-coms because they're not too long and I can watch them whenever. However, with big drama shows like Once Upon A Time and PLL, it takes a little longer as they're normally on for 45-60 minutes and you normally have to really focus on watching them to understand what's going on, so it's harder to sit and watch them when I normally want to multi task and do something else too. The seasons normally have a lot more episodes too, which is why I'm only on season three even though I've been watching it since the start of July. When I have the time to sit down and relax, then this is the show that I've been going for. Every storyline is so thrilling and if anyone is interested then you shall know that my favourite characters are of course Emma Swan and Hook. My OTP right now!! 

Gilmore Girls
I finished Gilmore Girls a while ago, but nothing stops me from revisiting a few of my favourite episodes every now and then when I'm in the mood for some witty Rory and Lorelai humour. I was gutted when I finished the last episode, but hey, all good things must come to an end. Although, I actually really liked how the ended it and thought it was nice to finish when Rory graduates from Yale since most of the show has been about her growing up and moving into adulthood.

American Horror Story
I honestly never thought I would like this show, but oh man, I do. There is a lot of inappropriate things that I would have preferred to be turned down a notch, but once I got past that and started to really get into each season and storyline, I was hooked and didn't turn it off until I was practically dying of sleep deprivation. I prefer Murder House and Asylum more than the other two, but they were all so hooking to watch. Instead of watching Christmas films on Christmas Eve last year, I was watching AHS. As much as I wanted to sit and watch Elf, I couldn't help it, I was drawn in by it.

Full House
I started watching Full House on Saturday because I had just finished Awkward and wanted another light hearted comedy to watch when I'm not in the mood for Once Upon A Time, and I already love it. I can't believe I've never decided to watch it until now because its always been on my list of things to watch. I've already half way through season one, but its not as bad as it sounds because they're only on for twenty minutes or so.

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  1. Great picks, I love Awkward and Once Upon a Time so much, so will have to try the other you mentioned when I get a chance! xx
    Chasing Belle

    1. Definitely! They're all my summer favs right now but I'm sure this list will have some alterations very soon haha, it changes all the time x


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