The Struggles Of Having Long Hair

September 01, 2015

Having luscious Rapunzel locks is one of many girls dreams, but having long hair isn't all that it's cut out to be. Styling and managing it can be a tiring process and I have definitely had my fair share of thoughts about getting it all chopped off into a little bob or something. I wouldn't have to deal with all those dilemmas and it would be so much less time consuming, but then, I think back to my Year Six days and realise how horrendous I looked. I would rather not relive those memories. I'm sure every girl with long hair can relate to the six struggles that I come face to face with on a pretty much everyday basis.

1. You have to carry a brush with you everywhere because you can be sure of knots when your out and about, especially if you wear your hair down. They get even worse when it's windy outside, so I always have a mini brush with me wherever I go.

2. Theres a bigger chance of you getting dry, split ends faster than those with shorter hair because we obviously don't visit the salon as much and therefore the split ends have more time to grow, no matter how many hair masks and treatments we use.

3. Long hair and hot weather is a combination that will never work. In the summer, ponytails and care free up-do's are my jam because I hate feeling clammy around my neck and face, so the only way to do that is keep every little strand of hair tied up.

4. It's vary rare that you curl your hair because it takes way too long and if you also have thick hair on top of long, like myself, then you can bet that they won't stay curled for very long.

5. It takes forever for your hair to dry naturally so forget about getting your hair wet when you go to the swimming baths.

6. Long hair gets everywhere so hair grips and hair ties become your new best friend. My worst case scenario was a couple of days ago when I went to Lightwater Valley and my long hair combined with fast rollercoasters wasn't a good mix. Oh man, how I wish I packed some hair ties before I went.

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  1. I used to have quite long hair, now it is in the awkward length stage but I am dying for it to be long again. I don't care if it gets everywhere. It'll be worth it in the end.

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    1. Considering having long hair can be annoying at times, I was like that once too because when I got it cut really short quite a while ago, I was absolutely dying for it to grow back long again and I've had it that way ever since xx


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