Halloween Films You Need To Watch!

October 24, 2015

BOO! This time next week will be the day we have been waiting for since we put away our flashy pumpkin fairy lights and carving kit last year. It's HALLOWEEN! Those who know me personally know that I am an extremely festive person and when theres something to celebrate, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll celebrate it. However, since we still have seven days to wait, I thought I would share my top seven Halloween films to countdown to the big day. Also, as much as I love a good horror, I decided that I would only mention the age appropriate ones in case your looking for a good one suitable for your kiddy winks.

1. Hocus Pocus - This film is definitely one of my first two all time favourites. I have loved this film ever since I was a little girl, so it brings back a lot of spooky memories.

2. Halloween Town - You guessed it! The Halloween Town series are my other all time favourite Halloween childhood classics. I think there are four films in total and I love every single one of them. It's such a shame I don't have Disney on my TV Guide anymore because I sure do miss these films.

3. Casper - Casper is definitely most adorable and friendly ghost I have ever seen on TV. Watching this film warms my heart every time and I just cant help but shed a tear at the end, even though I have probably watched it more than the normal amount of times a person could watch a film.

4. Twitches - Super girly but super spooky. I haven't seen these films as much as the other three, but every time I've watched them, I've always enjoyed them. It's a great film to watch with your sister, mother, best friend or just any woman in your life.

5. Monster House - I remember going to watch this in the cinemas when it first came out with my mum and brother. We absolutely loved it and I still do to this present day.

6. Double, Double Toil and Trouble - Who's a fan of little Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? I love watching their earlier stuff when they were really young and this film is no exception. If its not Casper warming my heart then it is definitely the little Olsen's.

7. Vampire Academy - I only recently saw this film after browsing through the Halloween collection on Netflix and I did not regret watching it one bit. I really hope they make a series out of the books because I would definitely be a fan.

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