Matrix Biolage ExquisiteOil Protective Treatment

October 25, 2015

RRP: £14.95
Since my hair tends to root more towards the dry side rather than oily, I am a huge fan of hair oils and the Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil is one of the best ones I have ever used. My mum on the other hand prefers to steer away from oils and uses lighter products, so when she said I could have the one that she got for Christmas, I was over the moon and new that it was the perfect opportunity to promote one of my all time favourite hair products. She also couldnt have given me it at a more perfect time because I had literally just put the last product I was using in the trash.

This oil has a real uplifting salon scent which always makes me look forward to using it because there is no better feeling than your hair after a trip to the salon. It's also really light and I dont feel like I need to be extra cautious when using it on damp hair in case it dries greasy. It has a silky consistency which I can totally feel when I have some leftover residue on my hands, and it leaves my hair feeling so healthy and replenished. I also tend to focus it on the ends of my hair where its most dry so you can really see a difference.

Another thing which I love about this oil is the fact that you don't only have to use it as a leave in conditioner after you've washed your hair. You can also use it as an overnight treatment, before shampooing or during conditioning. The only con to this product is because I use it literally every time I wash my hair, the product goes down really quickly, but I have no problem ordering another bottle, I just wish they were a little bigger. The fact that I keep on top of it because I use it at least three times a week, means that it prevents my ends from going dry which allow more split ends.

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