British TV Classics To Watch This Christmas

November 26, 2015

Christmas is the best time to be nostalgic and one of the things that brings me back to my childhood is watching old or new Christmas TV specials that would come back on with my family on Christmas Eve or Day, or even Boxing Day. Most of the best Christmas specials have always been British, probably because I never watched a lot of American TV when I was little, other than Disney Channel. Here are some of my favourite British TV Christmas specials that I will definitely be watching this year.

Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special
This is a one off special that came out in 2008 after series 2 finished and I honestly think that I've watched it every year since then. It comes back on the TV guide every Christmas so theres no doubt that when its on, I will always stop what I'm doing and watch it because its absolute comic gold. I fully recommend that everyone watches the entire three series' because they are one of the best British tv shows I have ever seen.

Doctor Who Christmas Specials
I'm not a big fan of Doctor Who now especially because Matt Smith was my all time favourite Doctor and he regenerated a year ago. Theres something about Peter Capaldi as the Doctor that I cannot seem to accept. However before Peter, I was an extreme Doctor Who fan, and dont forget Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special is an annual Christmas tradition for my family on Christmas Day, although, I doubt ill be watching this years unless Matt Smith makes a return which is highly unlikely. Some of the best Doctor Who Christmas Specials have been..
- The Christmas Invasion
- The Runaway Bride
- The Voyage of the Damned
- The Next Doctor
- The End Of Time
- A Christmas Carol
- The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe

Eastenders have Christmas specials every year and even though I only properly started to watch this soap at the end of 2013 (when the Carters arrived ;) I always made sure I watched the Christmas specials because they never fail to entertain.

The Only Way is Essex
I couldn't get away without talking about a bit of TOWIE. This show is definitely not everyones cup of tea, in fact, I think I'm the only person who watches it in my college friendship group, but I personally love it and get so excited when they bring out new Christmas specials. You know the ones.. The Only Way is Essexmas!

You cant go a Christmas without expecting a Miranda Christmas special to pop up on the TV guide. She is absolutely hilarious and you can not get any more British than this show. It's such a shame this show has ended and theres no more new episodes to look forward to, but the old christmas specials are definitely something I look forward replaying.

This show always reminds me of my nan because I always used to watch it when I slept over, just like most shows I watch. I love watching old Christmas specials since like Miranda, this show has also sadly ended.

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