The Beauty Junkie Christmas Gift Guide

November 22, 2015

Unless your a complete organised maniac, its that time of the year when we all hit all the high streets and endlessly search different shops and boutiques, looking out for all bargains and deals across the aisles, in order to find the perfect christmas presents for your loved ones. That's why I have decided to post three gift guides over the next week which will all be somewhat affordable depending on your relationship with the person and how big and expensive you want the present to be. The first few in todays gift guide are lovely little stocking fillers, but are also great to get a few if you have more than one friend you want to buy a present for.

I think the most expensive presents are more suited for relatives and family members, best friends or long term girlfriends, but thats entirely for you to decide. As a beauty junkie myself, I know exactly what to be wishing for this Christmas so why not help a girl out and consider giving your loved ones something similar to the gifts below on christmas morning.
*Also comes in the fragrances Polly, Lyla and Ella

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  1. Such a great blog post idea! I cant wait for Christmas!

    Elizabeth |

    1. Thank you Elizabeth and me neither, I love Christmas!! x


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