Winter Beauty Buys

November 14, 2015

Ahh Winter! My favourite time of the year for overspending on beauty must haves and not feeling bad for it because hey, its Christmas. I have a few things to share that are definitely on my Christmas List this year. They are all high end products and are definitely not things that I can pick up without putting a whole through my purse, so they are perfect gift ideas for those special ladies in your life.
Charlotte Tilbury The Kissing Lipstick Wardrobe
How gorgeous are these Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks? The second I saw them on the Selfridges website, I knew I had to check them out and feature them in a blog post, even though I don't actually have them myself. Those of you who know me well enough also know that I am a sucker for rose gold and pairing them with autumnal lipsticks make these a match made in heaven, perfectly crafted for a beauty junkie like myself.
Philosophy Christmas Cookie Body Wash and Bubble Bath
I've never actually had this body wash before and have no idea what it smells like but 'Christmas Cookie' sounds reassuring enough and way too irresistible not to add it to the basket. I did actually use Philosophy's Gingerbread body wash last Christmas and adored the scent, so I have big hopes for this baby if it makes an appearance on my beauty shelf this year.
Charlotte Tilbury Book of Make-Up Magic Advent Calendar
There is absolutely no way I will be getting my hands on a Charlotte Tilbury advent calendar this year, pricing at £150, but every girl can dream right? This is one of those things that when you're young, you promise yourself your going to buy along with all the other expensive things you want but cant afford, when your a successful rich adult. All in good time my beautiful, but so expensive friend. All in good time.

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