Best Cheap High Street Makeup Products

December 19, 2015

We can all be a sucker for cheap bargains at times, but most of the time we are soon let down by what seemed like the best bargain of all time as it was such a waste of money, even if it was cheap. Now I dont mean things that have been reduced in price or on sale, I mean cheap things at the original retail price. Although dont get me wrong, there are some absolutely god sent bargains on the high street and today I wanted to share some of my favourites. A lot of high street makeup products are relatively cheap compared to higher end brands like MAC and Urban Decay, but today, I am talking the cheapest brands that the high street has to offer.

The brands that I am going to be talking about today are perfect for those who are starting their makeup journey and are a good base for your makeup collection. However, even though I encourage you to start cheap whilst you're still learning how to properly use and apply makeup, always be careful what you're using because products are cheap for a reason, and like my nan says "you should always buy good quality makeup".

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Even though this product isn't featured in the photos above, I couldn't not mention my holy grail concealer. All of the writing has smudged on the packaging which is why I never put it with the other products above, but as most of you know, it is my all time favourite high street concealer and I fully recommend it to everyone. Its just under £5 and is full coverage, has a creamy consistency which makes it a dream to blend, and lasts for a heck of a long time, especially if you dust on some powder over it.

Sleek Contour Palette - I know that when I mentioned the really cheap brands on the market, you probably weren't expecting Sleek because this brand is a lot more expensive than the others in this post, but this is technically two products and since the palette costs £6.49 at Superdrug, each product in the palette only costs about £3 each. I have never used another contour shade since using this. This palette is my go to for adding contour and definition along with my Real Techniques Contour Brush.

Collection Sheer Loose Powder - Ever since using this powder, I have made the decision that I definitely love using loose powders more than compact, even though they make a horrible mess and are the worst for travelling, which is why I save all my compacts for on the go. I'm already on my second pot but they do last a really long time in my opinion. However, I would recommend the translucent shade even though the one above is Shade 1. The only reason for this is because since this is a loose powder, there is always the danger of putting too much on and its a lot less noticeable if the powder is translucent.

MUA Pro-Base Matifying Fixing Mist - I thank the fact that I ran out of my Urban Decay setting spray for encouraging me to come across this little beauty. Now I must point out that it is definitely not as good as the Urban Decay and if I had a little more money in my pocket at the time then I would have definitely repurchased it, but for a £5 spray, it is definitely good value. I managed to get through four shows this week and my makeup didnt lose its touch as much as it would have done without it. The pressure is however quite strong, so make sure you don't spray it too close to your face.

MUA Pencil Eyeliner - How have I never come across these more on the internet? They are only £1 each and have to be one of the best eyeliners I've used. They dont last as long as I would like, but honestly, that is the only weakness about them. The application is wonderful because the product is so creamy and pigmented, and guys, are we forgetting the fact that they are only £1?

MUA Extreme Curl Mascara - I'm not going to lie, I was a little hesitant to buy this product because cheap mascaras never go well. They either just dont work at all or never last long before you have to throw them out, but its so far so good with this one. I definitely notice a difference in the length and volume of my lashes, ive also had no smudging and the shape has remained until I take off my makeup in the evening. I never feel like I need to reapply mascara when using this product.

MUA Luxe Limited Edition Metallic Liquid Lips - If you're liking the look of this then I would hit the Superdrug stores fast as this is limited edition, but boy, am I glad that I got it when I did. It was actually in a spend over £8 on all MUA Cosmetics deal to receive it for free but I'm sure it was only £4-5 anyways. The main two reasons why I absolutely adore this lip gloss is the packaging of course, because how fancy does it look? I also absolutely adore its scent. It is very hard to describe, however I do sometimes get hints of vanilla, but most of the time, I can never put a name on it, whatever it is, I think its absolutely divine. Whenever I wear it, I feel like I should be going to a very glamorous Christmas party, and even when the shine rubs away, the colour is still there.

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