Things To Do Before New Years

December 24, 2015

It's officially Christmas Eve! I know we haven't even gotten past Christmas yet, but I'm currently laid in my bed with no desire to fall asleep because I am way to excited for Christmas. I was in the mood to write a late night blog post but had no idea what to write about, until it dawned on me. It is going to be 2017 in one week. Its a cliche thing to say but I'm going to say it anyway because I truly believe it, but this year has gone so fast and I'm so grateful for all of the experiences and opportunities that were given to me this year. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who does this but before the end of the year, I always like to have a little bit of a clean and detox for different aspects of my life to ensure that I am fully prepared for a new year with new memories and experiences. This year is no exception so I thought I would share my little plan on here incase anyone else would like to do it, or forgot to add something onto their list.

- Clean out your bedroom or any particular room that could use a bit of TLC (it wouldn't hurt to do some reorganising and rearranging too so that your room has somewhat of a new look)
- Donate old clothes or just anything you own that you no longer have use for. I'm sure there are other people who would find so much more enjoyment from it than you do in the back of your cupboard.

Your life away from technology:
- Catch up on any work, assignments or homework that you were assigned in 2015. You don't want to enter the new year stressing about unfinished work.
- Update any diaries and planners. This is also a great time to start jotting down events that will happen in the new year. It's nice to have something to look forward too heading into the new year.
- Set realistic goals of what you wish to accomplish in the next twelve months. Good examples are passing your A-Levels or getting your driving license, not scuba diving in the Atlantic Ocean, unless that is a realistic goal for you. You will feel so much more motivated when you actually accomplish them. I also like to set myself goals throughout the year which may evidently lead up to the bigger one I set in January.
- A new task that I have never done before but am definitely intrigued with because I have a lot of exciting things coming up next year, is writing a letter to yourself to open up next new years eve. It's also a nice way of again jotting down your goals and what you wish to accomplish just incase you lose your first copy.

Interweb Life:
- Go through your email accounts and delete old and unwanted emails (be sure to check your spam folder too!)
- Unsubscribe from any unwanted email subscriptions
- Delete, unsubscribe or unfollow any social media accounts that you feel no longer appeals to you
- Clear your search histories on Google, Safari or any other search engines you use.
- Handle any unfinished tasks whether thats regarding finance or replying back to an email.
- Free up data and delete any old documents, files or photos that you no longer need on your devices.

- Take one night, or day if you're lucky, to pamper yourself and make a start on the new beauty products that you received for christmas, or you could use up all of your old ones and save your new ones for the new year.
- Make sure you have fixed or learned to heal from broken relationships and friendships. Stick to the people who make you happy and don't be afraid to let go of those who don't.

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