Ted Baker Box Of Brilliance Gift Set Review

January 23, 2016

I received this Ted Baker set for christmas last year and have been planning to write a post about it for so long but as most of you know, I have been so busy with college and uni applications. However, since I've had a pretty chilled out night, I thought it would be nice to write a quick post before I go to bed. I had high expectations about the makeup in this set when I first opened it up because first of all, its Ted Baker. Ted Baker is such a fabulous brand and I don't think I've ever been disappointed by any of their products that I've used. Also, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous and even though I've taken out the makeup in the set, I still keep the box as makeup storage for my eyeshadow palettes. The two factors paired together set my expectations in place, which is why I was a little disappointed by the quality of some of the products.

First of all, the lipgloss was way too bright and bold for my liking and it overall just felt like a cheap lipgloss. It did not last long at all and the application was a very unpleasant experience. The doe foot was also uncomfortable and felt too solid which made it harder to apply. I also wasn't a fan of the lipstick, mainly because of the colour as I didn't feel like it suited my particular skin tone. However, the creamy consistency was lovely and the application process was a lot nicer than the gloss. Although, once again, it came off too easily and didn't last very long.

Despite the negative reviews on the lip products, there are however products in this set that I am a fan of, even though I may not necessarily repurchase them if they're sold separately. The eyeshadow brush is lovely and is fantastic at picking up plenty of product. I love using it for the highlight shade that I pop in the inner corner of my eye, tear duct and on the brow bone. I was also impressed with the blush compact that is in the top compartment. It adds a subtle rosy sheen to my cheeks so it will be perfect for summer when you're wanting something a little lighter on your cheeks. I sweep my brush across all three shades so that I get both the rosy colour and shimmery highlights.

The kabuki brush is also fantastic as a body brush if you're wearing a low cut top and you're wanting to sweep a little bronzer or highlighter across your collar bone and chest area. Although too soft to be true, it still manages to pick up plenty of product. I haven't used the eyeshadow palette and stick blush as of yet because I always opt for my powders on a daily basis, but I'm sure I'll be in the mood for it one day. I tend to use creamier blushes in the summer because they are mostly all waterproof and normally have a lovely dewy sheen which always compliments any summer makeup look. I also still need to try out the eyelash curlers but I have never been a big fan of them in the past which is why I always forget to give them a go. The mascara and felt tip liner weren't the best in the high street, but I will of course keep using them because they're not the worst. I do feel as though the mascara is starting to dry up a little too quickly though, but the eyeliner is definitely still going strong.

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