Zoella Beauty Haul

January 31, 2016

As a big fan of the beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger and vlogger Zoe Sugg aka Zoella, I was so excited to receive some the products from her beauty range last Christmas. The products that I received were the fizz bar from the original collection, candy cream softening body lotion, soak opera shower gel, wonder hand hand cream, scrubbing me softly body lotion, two balmy lip balm duo and the lace collar purse.

I have thoroughly enjoyed trying out each of these products this month and I only wish that some of them could have lasted longer, like the body scrub for example. Even though its in a really big tub, I am always way too generous when scooping out the product. I bought the fizz bar when Zoella beauty first launched and was so delighted to use it again and I loved it the first time.

The two lip balms were also a lot nicer than I expected. They were moisturising and had a lovely creamy consistency. Sometimes I use this as an alternative to lipstick because my lips have been so dry lately and the colours have a lasting finish. I've also previously had the soak opera shower gel when the range launched and still adore it. The scent is delightful and produces fantastic bubbles if you decide to use it as a bath soak.

I wasn't a big fan of the body lotion only because I don't particularly like body lotion and creams that have little bits in them. However, after the product had fully soaked in after a couple of hours, my skin felt hydrated and silky smooth. I am also obsessing over the hand cream right now and use it every night before bed. Sometimes even more if I apply it throughout the day, which I normally do because it is amazing. The scent is once again delightful, as all of the products in her range are, and the cream is lovely and moisturising without leaving any sticky or oily residue. I also love how fast the product soaks in which makes it an even nicer cream to use throughout the day.

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