8 Ways To Improve Your Day

February 12, 2016

Hey everyone! So since it was clarabellasecrets one year anniversary not long ago, I've been thinking a lot about where I want my blog to go and where I see it in a year from now. I then realised that what I haven't done a lot of but would love to give a try because I really enjoy writing them is doing more lifestyle and advice based posts. I don't mean the lifestyle posts that I do pretty much all the time which are basically just photos that I have taken from an event I've been to or somewhere I had been to one day, but the ones where I can just sit down, open up a post and just write with a free imagination. Although, don't think that I'm going to stop doing my usual makeup review or haul because this still is a makeup, beauty and fashion blog just as much as lifestyle.

Today I wanted to write about five things that I like to do to improve my day if I'm feeling a little under the weather or just not as motivated as I usually am. Just like many other people out there, I am one of those people who definitely do have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning so its nice to have a little motivation or something to look forward to.

1. Go and see someone you love, whether thats a family member or a friend. When you surround yourself with people who make you happy, you're mood definitely adjusts and its also so nice to catch up with people because its so easy to get caught up with work or daily priorities. I am so guilty of getting lost in the world of college essays and coursework and this is definitely something I need to remember, but be sure to take some time to get away from things like work and take a breather.

2. Listen to some music. I love listening to country music because I am always in the mood for it and it always makes me so positive and puts me in a great mood. It's definitely one of my favourite music genres. You don't even have to listen to country if thats not your thing, even though I highly recommend trying it out if you aren't really familiar, but anything upbeat will definitely make you feel more positive.

3. Go outside. Taking a walk can be so therapeutic. Even if you're not the walking type, taking a little stroll in your garden or taking an hour to go for a drive can be just as good. There's so many places to explore and its all waiting for you right on you're doorstep.

4. Relax! It's so important to take some time to relax, especially when you have been working hard and you need some time to recharge to be more productive. There's nothing I love better than taking a night off to catch up on all of my favourite TV shows or have a nice bubble bath. How you relax is entirely your choice but I also recommend having a warm cup of tea, watching YouTube videos, especially motivational ones, reading, whether thats a book you have been reading lately, the latest issue of Vogue or some blog posts. It's a great source of inspiration.

5. Try something new/Treat yourself. Even if its just trying out a new chocolate bar or finally opening up that novel you've been set on reading for some time, trying out something new is always exciting.

6. Exercise. This is so cliche but I wouldn't include it if it didn't work. Feeling good always comes from within yourself and I believe that if you feel good about yourself then you are more likely to continue exercising which releases endorphins and overall makes you so much happier. However, exercise shouldn't be about getting that 'perfect body' because there is no such thing, it should be about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, being a healthy and happy person and encouraging yourself to become comfortable in your own body. Also, exercise can be so fun if you make it fun. Instead of being stuck in the gym all of the time, try going outdoors. Go for a run in your local park or take some outdoor fitness classes in the summer.

7. Treat Others. This can be just as good a remedy as treating yourself. There is nothing that will make you feel better about yourself other than knowing that you contributed to someone else's happiness. This doesn't necessarily have to be materialistic either, it can be giving them a warm and comforting compliment or hug.

8. Accomplish Something. Recently I have been trying to maintain a productive and positive attitude and accomplishing something always makes me eager to work more. I always write myself a little to do list each day and when look back at it at the end of the day, it is always so reassuring to know that I have done something that day.

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