Makeover Essentials Brand Review

February 13, 2016

I was introduced to the brand 'Makeup Essentials' a couple of weeks ago and thought I would do a little more research into the brand once I had a good look at the products and had given them a try. This makeup brand has created quite the storm on the internet and it has received a lot of mixed  reviews from various bloggers and makeup shoppers, with people who believe they had scammed when approached on the streets by sales representatives. I have to be honest, when I first looked at the packaging and the quality of the makeup, I wasn't expecting much as it sort of looked like your general cheap makeup brand that you find at the back of Superdrug or something. When looking at the brands official website, I definitely think that they are way over their heads with the prices and are way too expensive for the quality of the makeup.

The Makeup Wipes are the first thing I tried when removing my makeup one evening and once I used them, I was a bit unsure about how the rest of the makeup would be. They were a nice size, I have to admit, and didn't smell too bad. However, they didn't have enough moisture and dried up very quickly. I didn't feel confident enough to just wipe off my makeup and be done with it because there was still noticeable makeup on my face after I had used up all the wipe. The Shimmer Powder was something that I was looking forward to trying because I did like the concept of having the product already in the brush and all you had to do was just sweep it on to get a sun-kissed, summer glow, but once I took off the lid, the first thing I noticed was how cheap the brush was. The product was also difficult to work as there were no instructions, not even on the website, and it took a while of working out how to use it before I could get the product out and started noticing a little bit of a glow. I also thought that it would be nice to sweep over my skin, and I have to admit, it did give me a lovely summer glow on my arms.
I'm personally not a fan of tube lip glosses since I used to use them all the time when I was a little girl. Now I prefer to use tubes with doe foot applicators or something similar. The design of the tubes were unique, but once I started using it, the pattern was soon to disappear. The pigmentation isn't fantastic, but its nice as a subtle glow for those light makeup days. They also had lovely scents, which was probably one of the best features about them. As for the '24/7 Makeover Portfolio', they came with an eyeliner and lip liner duo, a mascara and two makeup compacts called 'Sunset' and 'Sunrise' which includes three shimmery eyeshadows, two lip colours, a blush, bronzer/contour shade, makeup poof, and two little makeup brushes. I was slightly disappointed with the pigmentation of the eyeshadows as it took a lot of coats before the lighter shades were visible. The colours were also quite dull rather than looking how they do in the palettes. The lip colours were also similar as they were not as pigmented as they looked in the palette but they did serve as a nice subtle gloss. They weren't sticky on my lips, but I did notice a bit of stickiness when some got on my fingers after cleaning the brush, which were too small to use and the little bristles kept falling out. The blush and bronzer were however quite nice and my favourite products from the set.

I sadly wouldn't recommend this line to anyone as there were more cons than pros and every time I used it each product, it reminded me of my childhood days when I would get little Barbie makeup sets from Argos or Toys R Us. Perhaps if the pricing was a little lower then they would be lovely little gifts to give to a little girl as they personally didn't have any bad effects on my skin or cause me to break out, but there are much better sets out there with better quality for a much lower price.

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  1. Purchased it (Make up remover,Face Color kit and Eyeshadow) from a Sales girl in Georgetown for $20. I agree, the quality of the product was too cheap when compared to the cost.Disappointed.

  2. The mascara is totally Dry. Other products are beyond CHEAP CRAPPIE. Too got me for $22.95.


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