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March 29, 2016

I have had a lot of positive feedback regarding my advice and lifestyle posts which gave me some more inspiration to do another. I feel as though the majority of my posts have encouraged my readers to go out there and find inspiration when wanting to be productive and although I have mentioned that the best way to stay productive and motivated is to be organised, I haven't actually explained what I mean by being an organised person. I have no idea how to really define it and I don't think there are specific things that you have to do to become an organised person, I think it just comes with habit and commitment. I would regard myself as a somewhat organised person and so today I will share some of the many things that I do in order to keep myself living an organised lifestyle.

1. Have a thorough clean out every now and again. I don't have a specific schedule because right now, I only really have full responsibility of my bedroom and in September it will be my university dorm room, so smaller rooms don't really need cleaning out that often. I normally know when my room is in need of a really good clean out and so I will make sure I clear a day from my schedule, normally Sunday's, and will spend the day thoroughly cleaning out every inch of my room.

2. Make time to do what you enjoy. Even if you have the busiest schedule in the world, you should always make time to do what you enjoy because at the end of the day, work isn't everything and you are only ever going to remember the good times in your life, so make the most of them whilst you can.

3. Regularly go through emails and documents. For some reason, I have made it somewhat of a habit to go through my emails several times a day just to make sure that it is clear of spam and the trash can is empty. I also find this useful because that way, I am aware of any important emails that still need replying back to or mention something that I need to make sure I do before its too late, like a University deadline for example.

4. Plan! People aren't lying when they say that planning is your best friend, and there are so many ways to do it in order to suit your preference. There has to be at least one way of planning that works for everybody. My personal favourites are writing daily or weekly to-do lists and writing down all important dates in my diary. Planning ahead of time will also give you a guided route of what you need to be doing and how long you have to do it so that you can work manageably.

5. Get things done as soon as possible. I have to admit, I'm not the best at committing to this tip, but I am slowly learning and definitely getting better at it. When I look back on the times when I was studying for my GCSE and AS exams, I realise that the only time I was ever stressed was when I wasn't being sensible and left things to the last minute. This resulted in trying to cram everything that I needed to do into such a small frame of time, whether thats finishing coursework or studying for an exam. If you get things done as soon as possible then it will save you from a whole lot of stress in the future. You will actually have time to relax and do things that you enjoy rather than stressing.

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