How To Be Healthy

March 05, 2016

- Eat the right foods. As delicious as burgers and chips are, they are not good for you're body, especially if you have them regularly. They also make you feel bloated with lack of energy, so try swapping out some things for healthier options and you will feel so much different at the end of your meal. There are so many food alternatives all over the internet on food and fitness blogs. You can find healthy recipes anywhere. Also, having treat foods less regularly will also make them all the more enjoyable because you're not having them all of the time.

- Snack in proportion and swap out your unhealthy foods for something a little lighter and healthier. You can even combine less healthier foods with more nutritious options, but obviously have a smaller portion of the unhealthier foods. Instead of chips and dip, try veggies and dip, they can be just as nicer and will definitely provide you with the energy you wouldn't get from a bag of Doritos. 

- Don't assume that you have to do extreme workouts every day to be healthy. As long as you're getting in some light ones regularly, for example going for long walks or doing yoga every night, then you are still keeping active. I walk to and from college every day which takes about half an hour each time, its a great way for myself to stay active because I never have much time to do a lot of exercise with my busy college schedule. I also think its best not to become exercise obsessed and change your routine to suit working out, just have it as something you can add onto your schedule rather than having everything else revolve around it. Always prioritise, unless you're an athlete and exercising is a priority for you.

- Find some inspiration. Follow some YouTube workout channels. My favourites are Blogilates and Tone It Up and have been using them for years, switching between the two. Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest pages aren't always necessarily helpful because a lot of the photos they post have been photoshopped, but they can also be a great motivator, especially when they post new workout ideas and inspirational quotes.

- Don't cut breakfast. Breakfast should be a vital part of your morning routine. It ensures that you are energised enough to start your day and should keep you running until lunch. Cutting out breakfast will only result in disaster.

- Keep yourself motivated. Ways that I like to keep myself motivated are to change out my workout locations, create a workout playlist or change it up a bit by adding new songs, and if you have the money, buy some new workout gear. It doesn't have to be expensive and you don't have to have the new Victoria's Secret joggers to be able to properly workout, but little changes make things new and exciting, which overall gives me more encouragement to work out.

- Drink more water! I cant stress the importance of hydration enough. Water is so good of you and has multiple benefits. It helps clear your skin, helps energise muscles, ensures that you have a clear and working digestive system, improves productivity and gets rid of body toxins. If you're not a fan of plain water then infusing it with fruits is a great way to change it up. I love infusing mine with lemons, strawberries and blueberries. 

- Do it because it makes you feel like an overall happier and healthier person, not because you want that "perfect body" because let me tell you something, it doesn't exist. The only way you are going to get the full benefits of working out is when you enjoy doing it because it makes you feel good inside.

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  1. I've put 6lb on in 3 weeks and I feel so bad for it. I needed this for motivation, thanks babe! <3

    With love, Alisha Valerie xo.


    1. Oh no problem Alisha, I'm really glad this helped you x


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