How to be a Morning Person

March 04, 2016

1. Always have a nice nourishing breakfast in mind. If you have an idea of what you want for your breakfast the next day then you are more likely to wake up feeling excited for what you are about to eat. I mean, who doesnt get excited about food? Having a healthier option will always make you feel better about yourself than a full english or bacon sandwich, but there is nothing wrong with that every now and then as a little treat, especially when you have a longer morning ahead of you.

2. Wake up earlier and take some time to relax before you start your day. I am a big fan of having some 'me time' and definitely recommend it in the morning. This can include taking 10 minutes to do some reading, planning out your day, or taking some time to clean up your room.

3. Set your alarm away from bed. This method definitely forces you to get out of the bed in the morning and even limits the time you spend on social media in the morning because you are not tempted by laying in bed five more minutes scrolling through Instagram. 

3. Open up your windows to let in natural light and fresh air. I love opening up my bedroom in the morning and letting in some fresh air. The natural light also helps wakes me up more and makes me more motivated to start my morning.

5. Drink some water before caffeine. I'm not a huge fan of this tip because I really don't like the taste of tap water in the morning, but for some reason, I did find that water that has been chilling in the fridge overnight tastes better in the morning than water that has come straight from the tap. The cold water is also another great way to kick start your immune system and make you feeling more awake in the morning.

6. Spend some time getting ready. This goes hand in hand with waking up earlier because when you wake up at an earlier time, you have more time to take your time getting ready which is a routine that I actually like in the morning. I love having the time to properly put on my makeup without having to rush around.

7. Listen to some upbeat music. I don't know why, but upbeat music is always the best remedy for anything. I love listening to it in every situation whether thats when I'm going for a run, when I'm getting ready in the morning, writing a new blog post, or walking to college. Does anyone else think that upbeat music is guaranteed to put you in a more positive frame of mind?

8. Pick out your outfit in advance. I can not stress how much time I save in the morning when I have picked out my outfit the night before. It is a great tip for those snooze button pressers.

9. Try morning showers. If morning showers aren't your thing then you should at least give your face a splash in the morning. It is so refreshing and energising, and is a habit that you should definitely get yourself used to. Try splashing your face with cold water first and then begin you're usual morning skincare routine.

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