How To Get What You Want In Life

March 10, 2016

"In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can." 
- Nikos Kazantzakis

1. Know what you want. This is clearly the biggest step when you are working towards what you want in life. You need to have a clear and specific outcome at the end because how can you work towards something without knowing what it is?

2. Set realistic goals and plan out how you are going to get there. You cant just jump straight to the end without any hard work and effort and this has to come from smaller goals that build up to the bigger picture. These have to be realistic and manageable because if they're not, then how are you going to manage your overall goal?

3. Work for it! Hard work pays off and nobody gets anywhere in life without it. As hard as it is, avoid procrastination because in reality, it gets you nowhere. If it is something that you have to do immediately then fair enough, go and do it, but if its something that can wait until later like a new episode of a TV show you're watching, then do it later because it will still be there when you have finished working on what you are trying to achieve.

4. Always try and stay motivated. Motivation is key in determining what you want in life because without motivation, its very unlikely that you are going to put in 100% hard work and effort.

5. Have a positive mind set. Always know that no matter how long it takes to reach your goal, you are going to get there in the end and all that hard work will pay off. Try visualising the outcome and how proud you are going to be of yourself once you reach the end.

6. Have a reminder. Setting little reminders is a great way to stay motivated and actually writing down your specific small goals and overall goal will actually make it seem more manageable because then you have a solid plan. It will also remind you what you are working towards because having it right in front of you allows you to realise that you can attain this goal.

8. Study those who have what you want. If someone has already achieved what you want in your life then try observing what they did to get there. It doesn't hurt to ask them questions either of how you can improve. However, try and avoid copying their exact motives because you may get to a point where you will start wanting to become them because you know they have what you want. This will overall result in jealousy and envy which is not good when trying to maintain a positive mind set. There are no shortcuts in life and you are going to have to put in the hard work just like everybody else.

9. Ask. Try asking for what you want and be specific. Unless telepathy really does exist, nobody can help you unless you ask for it. Some goals may require a second person helping you and if thats the case, then just try asking. It's not selfish or greedy asking for help and the person might actually be flattered that you chose them as someone to get that extra support from.

10. Be patient. Not all goals can be done overnight, hardly any of them in fact. All good things take time, so learning to be patient is vital. I also believe that you get more satisfaction knowing that you worked hard and waited for something rather than getting it straight away.

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    I feel like so many people lately are figuring out their lives and what they actually want to spend their time doing.. this is going to help so many people <3

    With love, Alisha Valerie xo.


    1. Thank you Alisha!! I'm really glad this helped x


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