I'm Back on Tumblr!

March 29, 2016

Recently I have been tumblr obsessed because I'm pretty much on it all of the time. I normally go through tumblr phases where I will go from reblogging every day of the week to reblogging a photo or two every couple of weeks. Since I have been spending a lot of time on it lately, I have been customising it here and there to make it into something I am proud of, like my blog, and I finally feel as though I can share it to my readers or for those who didn't know I had a tumblr account.

My Blog: http://clarabellasecrets.tumblr.com

I would love for you to share your blogs down below so I can follow you all and find out what you reblog. Finally, although it is completely irrelevant to the topic of this post, I wanted to note my appreciation of the positive feedback that I have received from the motivation and productivity related posts that I have been writing lately. I am so happy that they help my readers and encourage them to be the best possible people they could be.

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