Pro's and Con's of Having Long Hair

March 12, 2016

Recently I have been having very mixed feelings about my hair and I've been stuck on what I want to do with it. I used to love having long hair but now I'm really contemplating cutting it shorter because it can be so annoying at times. Hopefully this blog post will allow me to weigh up how I feel about it and hopefully everyone can help me come to a decision. The biggest things holding me back from going shorter are definitely the fear of absolutely hating how it looks and regretting it whilst waiting forever for it to grow back because I'm not really a hair extension kind of girl. I know for a fact I would never have the patience and energy to try and maintain them.

- You can be more creative with different styles and looks because you have more hair to experiment with.
- You don't even have to cut your hair short to get the feel of what you would look like with a bob. There are so many tutorials online of how you can fake one and still make it look believable.
- It keeps you warmer in Winter
- I recently learnt that you don't have to wash it as much as people with short hair because women with long hair don’t tend tend you use as many styling products. Also the natural oils in your hair don't build up as much as women with shorter hair, which means you don't have to wash your hair as much.
- You can always tie it up and not worry about putting in ten billion hair grips, unless your hair is as thick as mine.
- There are less trips to the hairdressers because you don't need it cutting as much.
- There's no need for weaves or hair extensions.

- When you're washing your hands, it is more than likely that the ends of your hair will get wet. It's even worse when you are surprised with the taps that come out on full blast, which only results in more hair getting soaked.
- When you're washing your face, there is no other way to keep your hair out of the water than putting in a very stable bun.
- Don't even get me started on how much comes off your hair brush.
- It is a nightmare to manage when it's wet or damp.
- My thick hair also means that I go through more than the average amount of hair ties and hair grips that a girl probably should.
- Hair gets EVERYWHERE!! This is definitely the most annoying factor because I'm constantly finding hairs all over the place. It is so frustrating. I might as well permanently keep the hoover in my bedroom.
- Long and thick hair weighs down volume and makes my hair look flat and lifeless.
- Shower time = Nightmare time when its hair washing day and it takes forever to dry and style.
- Its harder to blow dry and straighten the very ends of your hair unless you have extremely long arms.
- A pot or tube of hair mask doesn't last very long...

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