Twenty Spring Wardrobe Essentials

March 31, 2016

I feel as though there are certain items that every girl probably does have or should have in their wardrobe. It can be so beneficial to have the basic pieces that I will mention in this post because they are so easy to experiment with in order to create different looks with fewer and simple clothing items.

1. Black Jeans - Even though its Spring, theres still a chance of chillier weather, especially in the UK. As much as I wish I lived in constant warm weather, I don't, so jeans always come in handy. They can also be paired with anything and still put together and great outfit.

2. Little Black Booties - I am the biggest fan of boots; short, long, flat, wedged, the list goes on. Boots are a huge essential and put together any outfit. I seriously cant think of an outfit that a good pair of boots don't go with. They are also safer and sturdier to wear than ballet flats if you do a lot of walking.

3. A Romper/Jumpsuit - The introduction of the warmer weather means that you can take full advantage of wearing cute dresses, rompers and jumpsuits, so why not find one that you like and make it one of your wardrobe essentials?

4. A Thin Cashmere - Once again, there is no guarantee that the weather will be warm every day, unless you live in a hot country, so it may be useful to keep your thinner jumpers after winter.

5. A Little Black Dress - So cliche, but so true. There is so much you can do with an LBD, so having a nice one in your wardrobe will always come in handy. Whether thats to wear it for a night out or to pair it with a blazer and some flats for a business meeting or interview.

6. A Good Pair of Heels - Not everyone is a fan of heels and its totally understandable because when you're not used to wearing them, they can be so uncomfortable. However, they will always come in handy and can seriously put together a good outfit. If you're not an everyday heel wearer, then maybe buy a good quality pair and save them for special occasions when you can dress up more.

7. Simple Tops - The great thing about simple tops is that you can wear them casual, but you can also totally dress them up with some statement jewellery. I feel as though the most essential basic tops every girl needs are tight fitted tops with long sleeves are a tight fitted, loose fitted, basic white, grey or black, a short sleeved, and a long sleeved.

8. A Light Jacket - I have been wearing my khaki green bomber jacket all of the time recently. It's definitely going to be one of my favourite jackets to wear this spring. A nice leather or denim jacket would be just as good too. My mum has a gorgeous jacket with a dog tooth pattern that I wore for my university interview a couple of months ago. It will be a perfect staple to wear this spring.

9. Shorts - Hey ho! When do we ever get to wear shorts in the UK? Take advantage of those warm, sunny days when you get them.

10. A Blazer - I actually have a fun mint green one and a formal black one as you can wear blazers for any occasion if you want to smarten up your outfit.

11. Jogger Bottoms/Sweat Pants - Every girl has lazy days, so you might as well be comfortable when you do.

12. Pencil Skirt - Once again, these can be so versatile depending on the colours, shape and pattern of pencil skirts. Longer skirts with a solid darker colour are great for formal wear, whereas shorter ones with brighter colour can look stunning with some tights, a light jumper and little black booties.

13. A Floppy Hat - Recently I bought a black floppy hat from Boohoo because I really want to start wearing more hats this season. As well as pulling together your outfit, they are also fantastic for bad hair days.

14. Maxi Dress - Summer dresses in general are a really good purchase, especially the more simple looking ones because you can still add layers in case you live in breezier climates.

15. Ballet Flats - Sometimes it might be a little warm to toast your toes in boots, so its nice to switch into some ballet flats every once in a while.

16. Sneaker Style Shoes - If you're not a ballet flat girl then sneaker style shoes can be a great alternative. My favourites are Converse and Vans as they are so comfortable to wear and can look lovely with most outfits.

17. Clothes With Fun Prints and Patterns - It is spring after all, and what better time to experiment with different colours and prints that the season of new beginnings. Add some colour and vibrance to your wardrobe with stripes, aztec, geometrics, and even floral.

18. A Classic Shirt/Blouse - I absolutely love wearing loose, sheer blouses. I bought one from Boohoo a few months ago which had little black stripes on it and I am constantly wearing it with some black jeans, boots, and my bomber jacket. I actually wore that exact outfit in a Outfit of the Night post that I will link right here. If you are more into the structured look, then by all means go structured, but you can totally play around with shirts and blouses depending on the occasion, whether its loose and girly or formal and structured. They look lovely with black trousers or jeans, but you could even pair it with a pencil skirt if you are going for a more formal look.

19. Evening Dresses/Clothes - Have a special occasion coming up? Or is it date night soon? It's nice to have a selection of evening dresses, or if you're not a dress kind of person, then just evening clothes in general. With summer approaching, nights become longer so you are more likely to stay out later. Stock up on your fancy, dazzly stuff for special evenings because when the weather is warm, who can really be bothered dressing up during the early hours of the day?

20. A Good Quality Bag - Lets be honest, bags are most certainly the most helpful things a person can carry around and near enough most women have them, so why not splash out on something that is of good quality if you are going to be using and wearing it most days.

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