Five Good Things.

April 10, 2016

I was scrolling through bloglovin this morning to try and find some inspiration for new blog posts and came across one that I found particularly interesting by Kate from Kate La Vie. I absolutely adore Kate's blog and always have time to binge on her latest blog posts. She is definitely a blogger inspiration of mine and if I'm not obsessing over her latest beauty buys, its her photography goals. She has a little series on her blog where she writes about five good things from her week and I thought it was such a splendid idea. I knew I had to try it out on my blog as I love sharing everything I'm obsessed with at the minute with my readers. I hope you enjoy!

1. If there is anything that I have been wearing non-stop this week, its MAC's Lipstick in Angel. I have found any excuse to wear it and even when I haven't done much one day, I've still got dressed up and done my makeup so that I can pucker up with my favourite lipstick right now. It is the perfect nude baby pink colour, if that makes any sense, and since I've been opting for a more natural look lately, it has been the perfect addition to my look.

2. The warm weather is totally getting me excited about the summer and I have been using any excuse to get outside. Travelling and exploring is one of my favourite things to do and I have been itching to get outside ever since Spring came along. It's such a shame that I am stuck in the house all day doing boring college work because the view from my bedroom window is as real as its going to get. However, I can still feel the warm sun rays glowing on my skin, so I'm somewhat satisfied.

3. I had been MIA on tumblr for a little while and ever since I left college for my half term holiday, my revision breaks have been endless scrolls and reblogs through my home page. For me, tumblr is one of those things that I can go from being constantly consumed in to reblogging once in the space of a week or two. Right now, my addiction is in need of some tumblr rehab.

4. I found a new app a couple of weeks ago that I've definitely been playing when I'm waiting for new things to reblog on tumblr, and it so addictive. Marvel Avengers Academy is definitely worth the hours that I have spent trying to reach higher levels and collect more characters. It would even be a lie to say that its time wasted because I don't feel like any time was wasted playing this game. I love the simulation games that allow you to create worlds and control the actions of different characters and what not, which is why The Sims will always be a favourite game of mine forever. If you're also a fan of these games then Marvel Avengers Academy is one for you.

5. Dexter! Dexter is always a good thing no matter what week it is. Everybody should know by now how much I have been binging on Dexter and I hit it hard this week landing myself on season seven. SEASON SEVEN! I have almost nearly finished the entire series and I am so excited to see how it ends. I was hoping to have finished it by the end of the week but with revision and college work getting in the way, I was unable to fulfil this objective. However, it does mean that I get another week of Dexter binging.

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