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April 17, 2016

I was looking for some room inspiration on Pinterest last week as most of you know, I will be moving to University this September and want to make my room look as comfortable as possible. I started think about how I want to keep myself organised and decided that it would be nice to have a weekly planner on my desk. However, some of what I saw where quite expensive for what they looked like and what different sections there were. I knew I definitely wanted a general day to day planner, a meal planner, and a weekly to do list section, but the ones that I saw with a price didn't seem to have one with everything I needed in it. I then started scrolling through Pinterest and found some that I could download and print off for free.
This is the printable that I decided to print out for my new University room and I can not wait to start using it. I have also decided that I am going to find a nice little clipboard to keep all of the papers together on my desk. I noticed that Not On The High Street sell some lovely ones, but they are a tad expensive for a clipboard. Perhaps, I'll have to save up some money before making a decision. Even though I found the planner that I'm going to be using next Autumn, I did find some other adorable designs and organisation print outs that I recommend all of my readers to check out. Most of them can be found at Eliza Ellis. However, instead of leaving one link to the website, I thought I would be more specific and put the links into categories.
Eliza Ellis:
Colour options include..
- Dusk
- Blush
- Happy
- Mint
- Sea
- Coral

All specific links are in the shade 'Coral' (pictured above)

Home Organisers
Colour options include..

More designs:

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