Kate Spade Wish List

April 23, 2016

Kate Spade is such a dreamy brand, partly because everything you find on the website is like a little treasure of its own and partly because it really would feel like I was in a dream if I was to ever purchase anything Kate Spade. It would be so unrealistic for a full time student like myself to be able to splash out on Kate Spade, which meant that because I knew there was no way I would ever have the patience to save up for something, the next best option would be to write a wish list blog post. It was so hard to narrow everything that I loved down to four items, but I got there (eventually).

1. Eat Cake For Breakfast Mug - This mug is the mug representation of me, I swear. If you think I'm being a little crazy then let me break it down for you. It has two of my favourite colours of course, white and pink. It also encourages me to 'Eat Cake'. I mean, yes please! and its a mug. A mug that I would definitely, 100% use to drink my five cups of coffee a day out of. We really would be a match made in heaven.

2. Kate Spade Planners - These aren't being sold on the official Kate Spade website yet, probably because its not new diary season yet as people will still be using last seasons, but I have always wanted a Kate Spade planner so I thought it would be ridiculous not to mention it. Discovering Kate Spade planners allowed me to discover the delightful world of Kate Spade as I had no idea that this brand existed until I heard people talking about how great the planners were. Being an organisation freak like myself, these would definitely come in handy, which is a great justification for buying one next year.

3. Daisy Place Medium Square Jewellery Dish - I can totally see this sitting on my desk or windowsill in my university room next September as I have decided that I want to go for rose gold and copper tones. This of course would make a lovely little addition.

4. Strike Gold Magazine Holder - I think that the thing that caught my eye the most about this was the 'etcetera' carving on the rose gold plating, as well as the rose gold touch of course! I just thought it was so unique and unusual, which I love! I also really admire the sleekness and simplicity of it and think that it would be a fantastic organisation tool.

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