My Dream Music Festival

April 18, 2016

Since musical festival season is approaching and Coachella already on its way, the company TickPick  got in contact with me a couple of nights ago as they have recently been planning their own "Faux-chella" dream concert line ups and wanted to encourage other people to create their own. TickPick is a fantastic company that allow you to buy, bid on, and sell concert tickets. They have tickets for any concert or musical festival you can ever imagine. The scope for choice is unbelievable.  As well as concert and music festivals, you can also buy tickets for theatre productions, football and basketball games. This is however limited to my American readers unfortunately, so unless you're willing to travel across the high seas to see The Lumineers (I would definitely give it a try..), I don't think it will be useful for my non-American friends.

When TickPick emailed me they were also so kind enough to create a graphic for me with my dream concert line ups. It took me no longer than a few seconds to decide exactly who I wanted to perform at my dream concert. Being a country girl, it was pretty obvious that the majority of my line up would include my favourite country artists, but I did spice it up a bit with some Taylor Swift and Carly Rae. However, I would definitely expect some of Taylor's earlier stuff to go alongside the country vibe.

I have to admit, as much as I would love to go to one, I have never been to a music festival before. Perhaps its just because its never been on my list of things to do and since I do live in a small town in the North East of England, its not so easy to bump into a flyer for a local music festival like Coachella. Thats the stuff of legend in my town. The closest area to go to for some of the more popular and famous concerts is Newcastle which is about an hour drive from my town. I've also only been to two concerts in my entire lifetime, but I can definitely see that changing when travelling more in the future. 

The first ever concert that I went to which was with my best friend at the time was to see JLS in year nine. Ah, lets just reflect back on the good ol' JLS days for a second. I'm reflecting back with partial embarrassment for being such a fan girl and partial confusion as to where my blue JLS hoody went. The best part of my night was definitely when Marvin waved at me from stage. You might think I'm being delusional but I swear it happened guys. I know that wave was directed at me, I just know it!

The best concert that I have been to so far, not that I have the biggest variety to choose from or anything.. was Conor Maynard. Once again, I was the biggest fan girl before the night of the concert and listened to his current album every possible chance I had. The concert itself was fantastic and because I was on the mobile network Orange at the time, I was able to get myself in the front row. FRONT ROW!! I still have an Facebook album full of blurry photos of the night but I refuse to delete them because it was such a good time to reflect back on. I would definitely pay to see a Conor Maynard concert again, let me tell you.

Make sure you check TickPick out if you're looking for some affordable concert tickets and click here to go to their website homepage and here to go to their concert ticket section.

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