Five Good Things.

May 08, 2016

I love reading Kate La Vie's Five Good Things posts and have done a couple on my own blog in the past as I love having a little chat about some of the things I have been loving lately. It's like a beauty vloggers monthly favourites but for bloggers. Even though all I have had on my mind over these past few months is revision, exams, revision, exams, revision, revision, I have still had some time to indulge in some of the things I love.

1. Canva - This is a newly discovered graphic design website that I have been using for all graphic design needs. I am still a newbie to it and still in the experimental phase, which is why I created the little image above. I know this website is going to be so useful in the future and it makes me so sad that I never knew about this before I started my blog. I definitely recommend this over PicMonkey, there is a fantastic variety of things you can do and create.

2. Scandi style - Since I'm going to be moving to university this September, I've been looking doing a lot of research, especially into home decor. I really want my university room to be something special because I am going to be living there for a year, so I want it to feel as homely as possible. As I've been looking for some home inspiration, I have been drawn to Scandi style, aka. Scandinavian style. I am obsessed with this style which is why I have decided to somewhat theme my room around it. I know its going to be a bit difficult considering the majority of my furniture is provided for me like the bed, desk, wardrobe, shelves and what not, but I'm sure I can give it a Scandi style touch with little home furnishings.

3. New Look home range - Similar to my last favourite, New Look has been the place to go for all my home inspiration. I feel like the range they have right now is somewhat inspired by Scandi style which is why I have been so drawn to everything they have in stock. My mum, being the little darling she is, surprised me a few nights ago with a copper candle holder that I had wanted for ages. I can see my room coming together already! I will definitely have a few blog posts of what I've done with the place once I move in.

4. Henna - If you read my Life Update blog post that I posted yesterday then you will know that I got myself some henna done in college last Thursday. It was definitely a new experience for me and I loved every minute of it. It's definitely inspired me to become an even more cultured person than I already am. I love travelling and experiencing different cultures which is one of the reasons why I am SO EXCITED to go to Spain this summer, but something about getting henna done really inspired me to go beyond my comfort zone.

5. Sighh - It seems that this post has become slightly home interior focused, but this is such an exiting time for me being able to move into my own little flat with some other students. I love home decor and organisation, and have definitely thought about being an interior designer when I was younger. I  am letting my inner interior designer go wild right now and this website is giving me just the inspiration I need. I genuinely thought I was just meant to find this website as everything is just exactly my style.

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